From a distance, your eyes are placed upon a make-shift infirmary. The walls are of a strong cardboard like substance with a small drawstring and curtian. The medical bed is an old military style cot, with a white plastic table cloth ontop. Upon an old tool box type chest, you see clamps, nylon thread, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a few cotton balls.

Inside this room, a young brunette stands with a surgical clamp and a piece of nylon in her hand. She pours a bit of the alcohol over the clamp as she moves towards her patient.

What the hell do you think you are doing? his face grows cold within an instant as the young woman's eyes widen to the coldness of his glare.

You need some stitches in that cut above your eye Mr. Chambers, it's a pretty nasty one.

She moves closer, dabbing a little cotton ball upon his brow, removing the dried blood that set there.

I don't need any damn stitches lady and I don't want you dabbing your swabs on my face. What I want is to get the hell out of this place so I can take care of some business.

But...Mr. Chambers you're not released from injury. You can not leave just yet.

Chambers shoves the lady back several feet, as he hops off the make shift cot and stands to his feet. He reaches for a few cotton balls and opens a band-aid.

Here..this is my release papers.. sign it and get me the hell out of here. I've had worse cuts than this on my body, some little bitch and his steal pole won't hurt me.

From then, the camera follows Chambers down the hall, he pushes and shoves his way to the parking deck and over to his car. From there a note had been placed securly under the wipers as he glances over it, tossing it to the ground.

Who the hell does she think she is, ordering me to meet her in a secluded area. What is it with this damn broad that has her world revolving on my actions.

There we go now, the camera moves along, now more evident to the scene as Kole slides inside the beast as starts the engine.

Grippimg the steering column tightly, his knuckles turn a shade of white. The anger upon his face was inevitable and time was the only thing keeping him going.

You're right You son of a bitch...It's FAR from over...

The 'hum' of a 454 engine echoes through out the parking facility. The exaust was thick and intollerable to breathe. He sits and he 'revs', punching the steering wheel in frustration; He reaches for his phone.


there's a puase

Don't tell me how to answer my damn phone...I don't care who the hell you are Missy...You want something... then speak, otherwise stop waisting my time.

The camera focuses upon Chambers as he is seen flipping his cell phone down and tossing it to the rear of the seat. Momentarily the cell rings again. Kole just ignoring it, grips the steering column even tighter than before.

That dumb broad...she does not know the meaning of 'quit'. She is one pushy and demanding little lady.

The car squeals out from the parking deck, as the cameras zoom in focus. The caravan proceeds with a chase, to contiunue on with this promotion. It follows close by, but not too close.

Chambers' car comes to a slow it appears to have been cut-off by a white Limo. The camera switches now to the limo as a woman, dressed in a black & gray business suit steps from the rear. Her blonde hair sways in the afternoon breeze, as she walks with determination in her steps.

She reaches the driver's side door of the 65' Charger, as Kole shakes his head, giving the woman an evil glare.

Don't you ever quit? the window of the charger now rolls down.

Don't you know when to keep your pie whole shut? the woman pauses while opening the driver's side door to Chambers' car.

Get out...

Excuse me..... Chambers' face lights up with anger

What....are you deaf, I said...get out of the damn car...WE need to talk.

The door swings open, nearly hitting the woman as she stands with both her hands upon her hips, glaring over the top of her black onyx Ray Ban glasses.

What the hell do you have to say to me that is this Damn important? he steps from his car....looking down upon the woman.

Pipe down, and stop with the macho crap, I'm not buying what you think you're selling. the woman rolls her eyes speaking sarcasticly. You have proven that you can handle those Sovereign Dynasty girls, this week I want you to do the same with Cage.

Oh, YOU want me to do the same with Cage...well, who the hell are you to say what I do or don't do? Incase you havent noticed... I do what I want to whom I want. Got that....

The woman steps into Chambers as she glares upwards, not flintching an eye.

Listen here Chambers, and listen good... I own that? Every little thing you do reflects on me... You screw up and it makes you look bad....You look bad has me looking... she pauses Well, let's just say you don't want to look bad! Now, This week you face Cage once again, You focus upon what he did to you in that tag match a few weeks ago. You focus on getting your revenge, your retrobution, and you leave the Dynasty to me...

The woman steps back, giving Chambers stern look as Chambers slowly begins to laugh.

You..... take out the Dynasty...Those blonde roots of yours are definately glowing tonight. There's no way you can.... Kole is sharply cut off in mid sentence with the woman striking her index finger into the face of the Champ,

Let me tell you something Chambers...You have NO idea What I CAN do..I've taken out men alot smarter, and much more expirenced than those diaper rash assholes. Like I said...You just play your priorities on Cage this week...I'll deal with the Dynasty.

The woman now slowly walks towards the limo as the camera zooms in on Chambers entering his car once again.

The scene begins to fade with the caravan pulling out behind the limo. Chambers acknowleges the caravan and flips his finger into the air.

Her old man must be made of steel, coz that bitch is as hard as nails.