The flicker from a well stricken match lights up infront of a camera. The shadow of a man was slightly forseen as the image of Kole Chambers stepped foward into view.

Stubble forming slightly underneath his chin, has a twelve o'clock shadow plainly seen. He sits upon a rounded 5 gallon bucket, tossing ciggarette buts into the air. It's a cool evening and a storm is brewing from the south. He gazes up into the blackend sky, tossing a ciggarette butt to the ground.

Sovereign Dynasty.. he sighs You have no idea what you have started, your actions last Sunday have only sealed an unfortunate fate for yourselves. You've created a war in which you have no amunition for.

Another flicker from a match heeds Kole's face as his expression grows cold. A slight mist of rain slowly trickles down his brow, as a smoke cloud escapes his lips.

The clouds above rumble in the darkness, a vast strike of lightning cracked along the skyline and the mist, now a more dominate shower, decends from the heavens.

When I get to you... a sadistic smile forms along his lips. and I WILL get to EACH of you.. he pauses it will not be a sight for the squeamish to witness. Do'Meirst, I know you're watching, and I know you're wondering...

Wondering what I plan to do.. wondering how I, Kole Chambers plan on destroying a whole infantry at one time..

It's quite simple Do'Meirst, You see, I am not stupid enough to go into a war single handed; Yet, I won't be walking in with an army of soilders. Kole now stands from the bucket, turning towards the camera with a loud sonority of thunder in the background.

My game plan... he laughs Time will tell. When you least expect it Sage... I will be there. When you can't sleep at night Quedell, that will be me... haunting your every movement; And Do'Meirst... Come Sunday, The Sovereign Dynasty's defenses shall be weakend as YOU will be the first to be "VICTIMIZED".

The scene fades with another vast bolt of lightning, that ignites the fire within Kole's eyes, across the sky as he slowly walks into the night, thumping his last ciggarette into the air with the downpour of rain beating down upon him.