The scene opens to the inside of a hotel room. There are a couple suitcases laying upon a king sized bed. One is folded shut while another lays open with a mixture of clothes inside.

Standing out upon the concrete balchony that over looks the main strip of Hot Springs, Kole gazes out through the surrounding area seemingly in deep thought.

Only a matter of hours. he pauses shaking his head In a matter of hours The APWO will no doubt crown again a World Champion.

Kole now turns toward the inside of the hotel room, slowly walking in.

The tension is thick, much thicker than the average fan cares to consider. There have been fueds after fueds in this business, but unlike other Federations, this match was not based upon any fued.

Chambers walks toward the closest, unhanging some of his clothes and folding them into his suitcase.

Marv Nixon knew what he was doing when he booked this World Title Match. He saw a unique talent in each of his participants, threw them together and came up with one hell of a Main Event.

Does it bother me that I have no feuds, nor earned any respect from either of these men in this match? he pauses with a small chuckle Why Hell no! I didn't come here looking to earn respect, I didn't come here to be apart of any small time fued. Kole smiles devilisly but that will all change Sunday night.

Whether I win, or whether I lose, a fued is born, respect will be earned and careers may be ended. Carnage said it right when he called me an "Enigma". I not only riddle my logic Carnage, I use that knowlege to the best of my ability. Although you may have more title wins and even matches in your career than I, the fact is, I am more hungrier than you..

Kole now folds down the suitcase, zipping it up on the sides.

You see Carnage, you've had a taste of what the World Title is like. I on the other have not, and yes my heart is more so in this match and focused on this title than it is on anything else. You see, I lack that bitter sweet taste of that victory, I lack the thrill and excitement in which you get when you know you've done all you can and walk away with the prize. So no matter where you think my heart is Carnage.

Kole now picks up both pieces of luggage, walking toward the door, opening it and heading into the hall.

The camera pans in as he stands infront of an elevator with both pieces resting down beside him.

My Heart is set on "winning" this match.

The camera fades as Kole steps inside the elevator doors with a sardonic grin upon his face as they begin to shut slowly.

Carnage...I WILL see you all in the ring!