The scene pans foward into a televison screen. From static of the remote to the picture on the VCR player, the footage shows APWO's First PPV "A New Begining" under the management of the orginal owner. Marv Nixon.

The camera zooms in to the footage shows the ending of the Main Event.

Christiano flies in, …….but Chambers moves. Christiano smashes his own head right into the cell. Before he falls to the ground, Chambers lifts him up.

John: Victimized!, Victimized!

Chambers delivers the Victimized right on to the outside floor. Chambers goes for the cover. Marv jumps down, 1.………………..2.……………………………..3. Christiano has been eliminated. Chambers is up. Carnage waits. Chambers turns around. Carnage charges.

John: Big Time Knockout!

Carnage goes for the Big Time Knockout again, but this time Kole Chambers ducks the kick. Carnages foot gets held up in the cell. Chambers takes advantage and moves around to his backside and hoists him up. The Kole Chamber has be delivered effectively.

Tim: That was The Kole Chamber John.

John: Yeah, but is he gonna get him?

Marv follows Chambers down. 1.………………………….2.…………………………..3.

The bell rings and ’King of My World’ plays for a second time tonight. Marv Nixon receives the APWO World Heavyweight title and hands it to the new champion.

Simon Simmons: The winner of the match, and ….NEW!!! APWO World Heavyweight Champion, …………Kolllllllllllllllle Chammmmmmmmmmmmberrrrrrrrrs!

The crowd goes wild after the amzing match. Chambers holds the title high in the air for everyone to see.

John: What a night it’s been Tim. Three new champions have been crowned here tonight.

Tim: They certainly have John. The APWO is back in business. Well folks, join us next week at Power Outage. Thanks for being with us tonight and everyone have a good night.

Scene fades out as Chambers music plays.

The camera now pans directly over to APWO's New World Champion, Kole Chambers.

The indentions of his bare back show of muscles tightend and strained from the activity of earlier in the evening. He sits with his hands behind his head with his fingers locked together. He relaxes in a black leather recliner with his legs propped up upon the foot rest of the chair staring at the screen.

They said I had no "craving", that my heart was not set in winning this... he taps the Wolrd Title belt as it rests in his lap. Title. he smirks to the camera.

Boy...were they wrong.

The muscles retract in Kole's back as he lowers his arms to the sides of the chair, pushing the footrest inward and sitting in an upright position.

Carnage, the whole time I was in that ring, could you feel your "fix" slipping away from you? he smiles. Could you feel that burning sensation of that lethal injection I ran through your veins die down to a mere tingle? I proved not only to you, but to the rest of the APWO...that I I have the heart, I have that craving, the desire to do as I say when I said..."I refuse to be average, to fail...I refuse to be taken!" Kole stands to his feet now placing the World Title over his enormous left shoulder walking over to the television and shutting it off.

This week Carnage, we meet eachother again in the middle of the ring. Only this time we're stepping into this match as a part of a tag team.

Jaiden Do'Meirst, I don't know your intensions in this match, but I will certianly tell you mine. I am not about to lose. This tag match is nothing I asked for, and I'm more than sure it's not what you had in mind either. Kole places his Title upon the black leather recliner as he steps into the kitchen area of his hotel room.

But seeing as though we are placed in this match, for what ever reasons, I will make this quite clear to you..I'm in no way looking to be your friend, your ally or even a remote consideration to your little faction. You stay in your business and I will stand in mine. If you can do that than we will co-exsist as a team in this match up.

Opening the refrigerator, pulling out a bottle of Corona, Kole twists the top taking a huge swallow, tossing the cap into the trash can just to the left of the screen.

Cage...We have yet to step into the ring with eachother, but we do have a little "unfinished" business to settle. Kole smiles a devilish half grin. I have NOT forgotten the XPWA. The camera slowly fades out to a close up of Kole as a stern, more focused and determined look crosses over the wrinkles in his face.

I will see you 3 inside the ring.