The scene opens to the inside of a Baskins Robbins ice cream shop. There you see a few people standing inline waiting for their orders to be taken. Standing outside with a ciggarette in hand is none other than Kole Chambers.

Kole wears a pair of blue jeans, a black muscle shirt with the words "Victimized" written in red letters and black wolverine boots. Kole is leaning up against the brick building, with his left leg propped up against the wall from behind him.

It does not take much to figure out who your biggest threat is in a match and it does not take a rocket scientist to realize how scared you are either, Chris.

Kole places the lit ciggarette to his mouth as he takes a long intense drag from the but, exhailing the smoke.

You know Chris, I can't say I blame you for being scared, after all you're stepping into the ring with the APWO's TOP DAWGS..."Essa". Kole tries a crack at spanish. You know homes..It's not like you stand much of a chance in this match. Hell Homie, you're much better off going for the "Senorita's" Championship. Kole snickers while thumping his ashes down upon the ground.

Chris, don't get me wrong I am deeply flattered, Kole gives off a sarcastic smile that you are going all out trying to dig up something about my past, to stir things up in this match, but unfortunately what you dug up, was a bit on the "false" side. Kole now flicks the remaining ciggarette into the air as he begins to enter the store.

You see Chris, by the time I was 12 years old, my father didn't put me through military school, he trained me himself...he trained me on how to be a "killer". There was no sad 700lb fat boy involved and no pretty little cupcakes either. I was trained to do what ever it took to get what I wanted. Whether it be by my own hands, or by means of weapontry. I fought for everything I achieved.

I was not the "bully" to some poor pathetic Pillsberry dough boy, who can not even whipe his own lard ass, I was the one who fought for the right for that fat man to be who he is.

Kole steps up to the counter ordering a banana icecream cone waving it to the camera.

Do you like banana icecream Chris... he laughs.. Speaking of my childhood and teasing the poor little fat boy... This match will very much be like my childhood upbringing Christiano, I will fight to the end, to achieve my goal.

Kole tosses the ice cream into the trash behind him as he is seen walking out the door and into the parking lot.

Oh, Christi... I'd think twice before digging into the backgrounds of other people. Seems to me like your closet is about to have a "skeleton" or two waiting in the dark for you.. Kole gives a half grin and winks to the camera, laughing as the camera fades to black.

Just don't drop the soap...