[ The scene ]

Corpus Christi State Park; Mathis, TX

The scene strides foward with a large amount of people gathered along the bank of Lake Corpus Christi. You see boats, fishing equiptment and plenty of swimmers through-out the waters. The sun beats down its 100 degree temperature with no sign of relief. The grass wasn't as green as normal this year, as summer's outbreak hit a few weeks early. With the heat unbearble and the land so dry, many outdoor activities siezed as others sprung foward.

Many families take intrest to the water sports of summer, where there are still a few that rather enjoy the comfort of a nice cool house. As the area quickly fills with campers and tourist, a larged framed man stands with in the background soaking up the Texas sun. He stands wearing only a pair of demin jeans, a skin tight white beater and a pair of combat boots. He wears a set of Oakley sunglasses that are trimmed in gold upon his face and a very unfriendly smile.

As the man steps closer, he is revealed to be APWO's Kole Chambers. Kole continues to walk along the dry brown grass that has been burnt by the heat of summer. As Kole passes by, a young man throwing a frisbee to his chocolate lab stops and smiles; a set of blonde twins laying out upon a red blanket in dark blue bikins look up toward him, smile and giggle. Not paying any attention to the females, Kole continues his path walking along the side of APWO's backstage interviewer, Hank Norris.

Hey Man, Texas surely has some great scenery compared to your cold northern up bringing...don't you think?

Kole looks up to Hank, raising an eyebrown and turning his head foward again.

Southern Exposure... Can't say I see that much.

Man, I knew you were all business, but I didn't know you were blind as well. This lake is full of hot "bettys" that are in need of some TLC. Just like your Pop probably told ya; You need some relax time before the big match, that way you won't choke due to the fact you are overly tensed preparing for your World Title match.

Kole stops walking; he looks over to Hank who obviously can't take his eyes off the twin girls. Kole shakes his head folding his arms across his chest.

Pop??.. he laughs, I'm not blind, I'm focused. Bitches won't get you anywhere in life, only to the chaple in some stupid looking get-up. he pauses; That aint me, my way of relaxing is sitting around, gripping the neck of some sorry punk for getting a little cocky. You get what I'm saying?

Hank puts his hand up to his chin like he is comtemplating the words Kole is saying to him.

So what you are saying is that you won't be happy until A New Begining when you wrap your hands around those "pencil neck" geeks' throat, is that the words I am hearing coming out of your mouth?

Those "pencil neck geeks" won't know what's wrapping around their throat come New Begining. Although the kids may have a set of balls thinking about what they're going to do in that match. However its a shame they won't be backing any of it up.

Kole unfolds his arms and continues to walk along the grass. The two come up toward a small picnic area with a cement table and bench. Kole leans on the front side of the table, looking around the park.

Well Kole, you do bring up an interesting point, but that only makes me ask you this. What if they try leading you into a false sense of secuirty by telling you part of their startegy but not telling you about their true back up.

Kole looks over to Hank. They will need back-up if they're going to step into the ring with me. However where Claymore is concerned, I have no worries at all. Infact, I am almost hoping he will interefere in the match on someone's behalf, there for it won't look so damn "humiliating" when I place him and all the rest of the clowns inside the "chamber". If any sense of "false security" will be seen it will be coming from my corner, when I show everyone I'm not about to go lightly on these punks just because they've been around here longer .

Well I can see your Pop has instilled a "never say die" philosphy, and come A New Begining , We will learn first hand if Kole Chambers has the heart and desire to earn his first Title win in his career here at APWO.

I just wonder, is there any other comments you would like to say to the wrestling fans that will be watching your performance that will take place, at A New Begining next Sunday?

Kole slowly reaches for his sunglasses, pulling them off his face. He looks around the area and then to Hank.

I refuse to lose.

Scene fades with a close up of Kole's intense looking face.