You often wonder what goes through a man's mind in times of loss. Whether it be a loss of a loved one, someone close to them, or even perhaps a loss of a possession. Which ever the case may be, it's not a convivial feeling.

The parking deck was empty, not a visible car in site. Each deck, both upper and lower were emenced with darkness as the Asterdome was closed for the evening. Lerking around the outside with his fists taped, Kole Chambers takes a journey with in his mind and contimplates his reasons for the events at "New Begining".

A Time limit; a friggen time limit draw, at a Pay Per View? I have never in my life heard such a thing. What are these assholes trying to prove?

He walks along the lower corridor, through the gates and out to the parking lot. He stares out amongst the night sky and the late night traffic as it slims down to nothing along the interstate. He continues to walk along the shoulder of the road, kicking the rubbish along the way with each step he takes.

Further on down the highway, Kole stumbles upon a 24hr. convienent store and decides to take a stroll inside. Parked out infront at the gas pumps you see a young man standing pumping gas into a black and red, "chopper" style motor bike. The gas tank was painted up with red & orange flames, a black leather seat, a chrome engine, and black/red front and back fenders.

The young man is dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a confederate flag printed t-shirt, black wolverine boots, and a black leather baseball styled cap which he wears backwards covering up his semi neck-line lengthed, black hair.

As Kole walks into the lot, the young man smirks, obviously wanting to cause a little "stir". Kole looks on at the kid, and continues on to the inside of the store.

There inside, you see the convienent store clerk, a middle aged man in his 30's. He's balding with a pot belly gut that hangs over his belt line, with a dingy white t-shirt that has a few mustard stains upon the front. There also inside you see a young lady, she is blonde headed, with a very appealing slim body. She is dressed in pair of black hip hugger jeans, a hot pink tank top, with a black leather half waisted jacket and black knee high leather boots. (typical teenage girl styled clothing) Her blonde hair was pinned up into a ponytail with a black bow holding it up upon her head.

Kole walks in, and notices the young lady over by the alcohol cooler and shakes his head.

Kids these days... Kole mumbles as the store clerk looks on.

As the young lady opens the cooler, she pulls a 4pk of wine coolers from the top shelf and a 40oz bottle of Michelobe Light. She walks up to the counter, placing the items on top and reaches for a pack of sugar-free gum.

Will that be all young lady? The man behind the counter asks with a smile upon his face.

Kole looks on at the two, and questions the clerks selling to the young lady. You're not going to sell her this shit are you?

The young lady cuts her eyes over to Kole, giving him an evil glare.

Mind your own damn business jerk-off.

The young lady places her credit card upon the counter, as the clerk proceedes to ring her up.

The clerk bags up the itmes and gives the young lady her reciept, she smirks to Kole and walks out the door.

What the hell is wrong with you? You did not even card that kid, she can not be any more than 18 years old and you sold alcohol to her. You want your damn liences pulled? You want it on your head if she goes out, gets drunk and kills somone or worse yet, herself. Kole reaches behind the counter grabbing the clerk by his shirt and pulling him across the counter top.

I should just rip your head off your sorry excuse of a carcass. Take my anger for those APWO officials and staff members out on you, and beat you down and shove your head up your ass.

I've had a piss poor evening, and it's about to come to a hault. What are those guys so afraid of? Me taking their precious home-boy's gold away? Are they that insecure about their Champions, that they refuse to let me beat them? Or do they finally see that once I get my goal, it will be a cold day in hell before I allow anyone to take it from me?

Kole maintains his grip upon the clerk behind the counter, as the two teenagers outside watch on from the lot.

You know, where I come from, I was always taught to fight for what you wanted at any cost. I grew up on the streets of New York, battled the gangs, fought the scum that walked the streets. I don't see myself as the "anti-hero" by any means, but I won't stand by and watch something be taken away from someone who wants and deserves it.

The APWO sees what I want, what I deserve, and they are doing their best to keep it from me. That's something I will not stand for.

Kole releases the clerk and looks out the door and at the two kids, glaring in on him.

And just like those to kids outside, I can't sit here and let them take their life into their own hands and rob their parents of their rights.

Kole storms out the glass doors and over to the two kids. The young man was about to straddle his bike, as the female was already upon the rear of the seat holding on to the brown paper bag.

What the hell do you want boy.. The young man shouts as he retrieves from getting upon his bike.

Give me that sack, you two don't need to be buying shit like this. Kole reaches for the sack that the young lady holds between her legs.

Touch this sack and I promise you a night behind bars. The young lady spreads her legs persuading Kole.

Kole knowing the situation he is in, steps back and lowers his head. The young man smiles and once again straddles his bike. With a swift nudge to the starter, the bike's engine roars loudly as the young man revs his engine, blowing smoke into Kole's face.

Kole looks on at the two with a mean glare, as the couple ride off laughing, as the young girl looks back, waving as they peel off onto the highway. Just as the bike reaches the end of the lot, it stops long enough for Kole to read the licence plate.

"CD HURST" was displayed as a dumbfounded look arose over Kole's face.

It can't be....

Scene fades to black.