[ The scene ]

RENAISSANCE HOTEL; Oklahoma City, OK. Time: Approx 8:30pm Thursday, Jan 20th.

The scene begins with the back of a shirtless, broad shouldered man sitting upon the edge of a full-sized bed. The indentions between each shoulder blade are well defined and muscline. His neck twists from left to right poppining several bones in the process. He stretches his arms toward the sides of his chest, creasing the indentions between his shoulders even more. He brings forth his arms and stretches them to the front of his chest, crossing them then pushing them back toward the sides of his chest once again. He does this for several minutes and with each movement, a slight grunt is heard.

The camera zooms in closer, showing droplets of sweat form along the center of his back. The man slowly stands to his feet, yet his face still remains unrevealed. He walks slowly toward the small refridgerator that rests upon the counter toward the end of the bed. He opens the door, reaching in, pulling out a bottled corona. "Fsssshht", the sound makes as the twisting bottle cap opens upon the long class botlle. The cap hits the rim of the small black trash can that peers to the right of the man. With a "Clank", the cap hits the floor. The man leans foward giving you a glimpse of his face, he picks the cap up tossing it once again toward the black trash can.

He bends his kness, sitting down upon the bed. He swings them to the side, now stretching along the entire matress. As he reaches for the remote, he presses the on switch flipping channels. In the process of channel surfing, the phone beside the bed rings.

Yeah... The deep voice of Kole Chambers was heard as he answered the phone.

Several seconds pass as silence filled the room. Kole places the remote back upon the table, raising an eyebrow looking a bit disgusted .

Is that so? Kole raises the bottle to his mouth, taking a large drink and swallowing.

Let me tell you something, I'll speak when I want and to whom I want, Got it? I don't care who the hell wants to talk to me.

Kole rolls his eyes a bit taking yet another drink of Corona.

Look, I've seen a sneek peek at the roster alright, I showed up, got what I wanted, done what I said I would do and will continue to do so until I get tired and bored with doing so.

Kole now begins to stand to his feet still holding the bottle of Corona. He places the headset down upon the table and proceeds to the restroom. Nothing is seen; however you know he's taking a piss. He resumes out from the restroom, picking the headset back up and placing to his ear. The person on the other end is still speaking as Kole shakes his head with a disgusted look upon his face.

Can't shut your mouth can you? Look, there's nothing I'm worried about. The Champ here has left; I don't know why and I could care less actually, but he's made this match between two guys for his title. What type of Federation allows its World Champ to "bow-out" and not even defend the title properly? That's about as lazy as a four hundrend pound prostitute. They expect to get paid but can't do any work.

Kole even smiles at his own pun.

I've pissed on sacks of shit larger than some of these guys. I sware, if this is some kind of joke Federation like the past few, Mr. Landon Cage will be getting up close and personal with me.

Kole sits back down upon the edge of the bed finishing off the bottle of Corona. He tosses the empty bottle into the trashcan leaning back now upon the matress.

Yea, I know who he is, he is the one who signed me, so any problems I have, he has. I left Eric Ramirez and the OW high and dry because his federation bored me, won't hurt my feelings one bit to do so again.

Kole shakes his head, pulling the reciever away from his ear, looking at it oddly before placing it back to his ear.

Listen, I'm not here to become "friends", "buddies" or even an "acquaintance" to those maggots. I'm here because Mr. Cage offered me a contract. He mentioned he was looking for someone to lead the Federation into a bright future; someone with strong championship potential; Well he found him. there's a short pause between the next statement from Kole as he seems to be getting agrevated.

Just let anyone say different and I'll rip their God D*amn faces clean off their shoulders if they even look at me cross-eyed; and you think I give a shit about these punks? Listen, I have eleven more bottles of Corona to dispose of, When you can think of something I "SHOULD" worry about, you may call back, other than that, don't waist your air time.

The scene closes with Kole pushing the button upon the headset, tossing the phone over his shoulder having it land upon the center of the bed, as he gets up reaching for another Corona.

These damn Cowpukes are all full of shit.


"My Trademark"