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Looking for a school providing F&I training? The College of Automotive Management located in Southern California offers a complete curriculum!

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Why should I hire a College of Automotive Management graduate?

They can produce. The State of California-approved College of Automotive Management offers the nation's most comprehensive automotive finance and insurance training program. Our four-week, 163 clock-hour course includes hands-on computer training utilizing Advent's national F&I software. Our students are carefully screened prior to acceptance. They must pass a rigorous entrance examination and interview, and have achieved an acceptable level of educational success in order to enroll. Each graduate learns a package sell product presentation that insures high penetration of dealer's F&I products.

They are committed. Think about it. They spend thousands of dollars and weeks of their lives because they believe in themselves and they know they can do the job well enough to secure the position - whether you hire them or your competitor does. Whoever does hire them gets an employee that is more likely to stay, grow with the company and appreciate getting a "break" into a great management system. Our graduates are less demanding in regard to compensation and hours and less likely to quit because of trivial matters as many "experienced" candidates do frequently.

They don't know the "tricks" of the industry and want to do what is right by the dealer, the bank and the customer every time. They want to be in the business for a long time and have a career path in their mind developed that includes being able to face their employer and their customers in the future.

If as an employer you represent the lending industry or associated service industries who provide goods and services to dealers, you can benefit from hiring a graduate who has a good understanding and general knowledge of the autobusiness with an emphasis on the F&I department. There is no other pool of people on the planet to draw from who may have already learned your credit bureau system, or your F&I software system or loan underwriting procedures AND the entire F&I process at a dealership.

What do you teach at the College of Automotive Management?

Our F&I General/Subprime/Auto Loan Underwriting course is broken down into four weeklong modules. The first covers Dealership Operations, Finance Products and Leasing. It is followed by Finance and Insurance General, which includes Legal Compliance, Credit Applications and Deal Structuring. Week Three is devoted to Special Finance - Guidelines for "D" Paper, Discretionary Income, Debt Payment Calculations, Credit Bureaus and plenty of Deal Structuring. The final week dissects such topics as CSI, Approving and Finalizing Deals, Objection Handling and Product Presentations.

Does this mean your graduates won't need additional training?

No, of course not. However, it does mean that our graduates are much further along the learning curve - four weeks further along - than an F&I candidate who did not attend our training program. Our graduates are experienced, albeit in a classroom environment. They're completely up-to-date on all the latest industry rules and regulations, and have not picked up any of the bad habits that can leave a dealership vulnerable to prosecution and open to public humiliation by the media.

What is the College of Automotive Management's relationship to Northwood University?

The College of Automotive Management signed a unique articulation agreement with prestigious Northwood University in 1997. It enables graduates of the College of Automotive Management to earn up to 28 transferable Educational Credit Units to any of Northwood University's degree programs.

Is there a placement or other fee the dealership must pay?

No. The College of Automotive Management does not charge a placement fee. What's more, the school backs its students with a solid guarantee. If one of our graduates leave your dealership for any reason, a suitable replacement will be provided immediately, also free of charge.

What dealerships have hired your graduates?

The College of Automotive Management has graduated and placed over 1,000 Automotive Professionals in over 300 dealerships in the last 9 years in the Southern California Market. Many of the loan underwriters buying dealer loans at automotive finance companies are also graduates of the College of Automotive Management. College of Automotive Management graduates have been hired as Finance Managers by dealerships throughout California, including Galpin Ford, Cerritos Infinity, Toyota of Orange, Valencia Chevrolet, Hemborg Ford and scores of others.

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