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Business Relationship Agreement


In the past 10 years, more than 350 Southern California employers in the automotive and lending industry have employed graduates from the College of Automotive Management.


In an effort to show our appreciation and continue to provide more value to participating employers who employ and/or interview our graduates from time to time, College of Automotive Management has established the following benefits.  The College desires to recognize and promote employers who consider customer and employee satisfaction to be their number one goal.  By signing below, College of Automotive Management is receiving your permission to promote your company’s name and website to the public as a company that considers ethics, integrity, customer and employee satisfaction, and customer service to be a top priority in all business practices performed by your company.


____  YES – We would like our Company name listed on College of Automotive Management’s Website as a company that aspires to practice the above mentioned ideals and philosophies.


____ YES – We would like a weblink connected to College of Automotive Management’s website to drive consumers and potential employees to our website.


____ YES – We would like to continue to have access to College of Automotive Management’s training programs and data base of new and experienced automotive professionals via a private password.


____ YES – We have reviewed the course syllabuses and consider training provided by College of Automotive Management to be good for the industry and we support their curriculum content.



_________________________          ______________________________

Name of Company                               Authorized Signer – Title



_________________                          ____________________________

Date                                                     Website Address



Thank you for supporting College of Automotive Management and we look forward to helping support your company with industry training, personnel recruitment and placement services, web based advertising and positive promotion of your corporation.


n      SUBMIT