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Bloen Services

Below is a list of prices for anodizing, polishing, and other services we may make available. Keep in mind that the existing finish of your marker will remain unchanged by the anodizing process. If it is a smooth finish, it will be smooth when re-anodized. If it is a "dust" or bead blast finish, it will be the same after anodizing. Prices are based on autocockers. Other markers may differ slightly due to more or less parts. The standard autococker has seven parts: Barrel, grip frame, body, feed tube, ASA, front block, back block. Some two piece barrels, (old DYE, OTP) are impossible to separate the aluminum from the stainless steel. We cannot put any metal other than aluminum in the anodizer. Make sure that all other metal has been removed before submitting your parts. The colors we currently offer are: red, blue, orange, yellow, black, and slate/gunmetal. A little creativity with fades and splashes can make effective use of these colors to create stunning effects. (Just have a look at the home page!) We also can polish out a bead blast finish. We have created an awesome effect by matching a one color fade to a marker with the "dust" finish gradually fading to polished. The effect looks as if the front of the marker is covered in frost! ***NEW*** We have refined our techniques and are now able to offer more flexibility on our fades and splashes! If you can imagine it, chances are we can do it. In addition, we are now offing switch modifications on Dragun TES and The One markers to lighten your trigger pull. We also perform the flipped switch mod on O3 Shockers as well. We get a lot of questions about pricing, so here's the breakdown... If you submit your parts to us clean and disassembled, there is no disassembly charge. If they are dust or bead blasted and you want them to stay that way, there is no polishing charge. We do charge $25 for touch up polishing on all markers except dust, or if you specifically request that we do not polish it. Polishing is recommended, particularly with some alloys. We can't be responsible for the quality of your finish if you choose to skip the polishing.

Anodizing Prices


Other services