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Medical Sales Representative

Gautam Chakrabarty

Tel: 91-033-2415-1487

Fax: NA



Qualification : B. Sc,( Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics),

Experience:19 yrs

Specialist skills: Communication, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Multiple Languages (English, Bengali, Hindi)


Gautam Chakrabarty




W.Bengal, India



OBJECTIVE:  SALES REPRESENTATIVE:   To obtain a challenging, rewarding  position  in pharmaceutical sales. Desire a job that provides opportunity for growth

EDUCATION: Calcutta University, Bachelor of science( physics, chemistry,  mathematics)

EXPERIENCE:  MEDICAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE:  From1984 working in this profession April1984 GUFIC,May1985 B.EVANS,Jan1987 ROCHE. Presently responsible for the improvement of sales by initiating new contacts, maintaining customer satisfaction, soliciting customer feedback to improve service, and generating suggestions for improving work by developing innovative  approaches  and ideas.

 ACHIEVEMENTS: I am always beyond 100% achievement of  sales in my territory in the tenure of my service. I was awarded MAN OF THE REGION, highest achievement and so on.

INTEREST:  Traveling, soccer, cricket, music, sporting events.

SALARY SOUGHT: negotiable