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Predator Strategy

Mine Spotting- Use Predtech vision mode to spot Spider and Prox grenades, especially when you hear the tell-tale clicking of the grenade-launcher, and in suspicious hallways which could be booby-trapped. Also remember that you can spot weapons and ammo boxes lying around with Predtech.

Against Praetorians- The best weapons against these huge thugs are the combistickís alt-fire and direct hits with the plasma pistol. Back away from charging Praetorians and shoot carefully with the pistol, as their jumping and careless firing on your part could result in a very bad situation if you run out of energy.

Battle-Ready- Know your weapons layout. Accessing different weapons as a predator takes longer than as the humans, who can simply use the mouseís scroll button. Know which number keys access which weapons, what weapons you have at any given time, and what your priority is. For example, letís say you are playing as a normal class Predator with Class-Weapons enabled in a game. You are attacked by several aliens, and you use your plasma pistol to blow most of them to hell. The pistol sucks energy faster than a Dirt Devil, so you are left with no energy to face the last alien. Automatically, the disc will be drawn out, which may be to your serious disadvantage if you are not in electromagnetic (alien-tracking) vision mode. In this situation, it would be to your advantage to be ready to press number key 2 immediately after you run out of energy so you quickly pull out the combistick, which is better against aliens, instead of letting the game decide which weapons come out next.

Hand-Thrown Devices- The remote bomb and disc, when used without the target-specific vision mode, donít fly directly forward. Because they are thrown by hand, they move to the left the further they go. When chucking remote bombs at far-away targets, use the predatorís zooming ability and aim slightly to the right of the target in order to get a better shot.

Covering Your Exit- If you use an energy-intensive weapon against humans, such as the plasma pistol, be aware of how much energy you have left. Save a small amount of energy so that you can cloak and run away somewhere to sift if you need to.

Think Like a Predator- The predator was not designed as a trigger-happy automatic-weapon lunatic, like the humans. The many catches and weaknesses to your weapons and skills- such as slow shot speed, quick energy loss, and automatic decloaking- are designed to encourage you to think and act like a skillful, deadly predator from the movies. Stand still to avoid motion-tracker detection and analyze the surrounding situation often. Be willing to run away when you are seriously outgunned, especially when the cheapshit humans have a smartgun. Stick to the high ground. Your lack of automatic weaponry like the humans or tremendous mobility like the aliens makes it all the more necessary for you to stay in the top sections of a map area with both high and low ground.

A Deadly Fishy- Thereís nothing more embarrassing than getting shot and killed by a human you have caught with the netgun. Against smartgunners, who only have to hold the trigger-finger to get you, shoot or charge with melee weapons immediately after netting. Against humans armed with other weapons, use the crouch-jump to avoid dangerous fire and kill them off fast, too. Donít use nets against aliens...

Feel Like a Pro- The funnest way to kill humans is to move slowly with the netgun and catch one when they walk by you, and then to blow them up with a remote bomb. The combination of skills such as patience in netting, making up for the remote bombís weird-angle throw, and complete lack of auto-targeting will make you feel like you definitely earned that kill.

Cheapness- The predator has been weakened for the multiplayer game. He has many weaknesses, oddly counterbalanced by two overly-strong weapons: the disc and the plasmacaster. In their appropriate vision modes, the disc easily kills humans, and the plasmacaster easily kills aliens. I recommend you avoid these weapons altogether and master the other ones the predator has.

Battle Wounds- In overly-populated or small-map multiplayer games, avoid healing after you have been wounded. Using the medicomp may require you to energy sift, then use the medicomp, then sift again, leaving you very vulnerable for too long. Use only the energy sift in such situations.

dm_depot- This map has a flooded tunnel leading to a small basement room which is popular with campers. As a predator, it may be difficult for you to kill human campers there, because the main entrance to that room is a long sloping tunnel that leaves you vulnerable to detection, and the flooded tunnel will decloak you. However, there are sets of horizontal beams over the flooded tunnel. These are a seriously underrated way to enter the room safely. You can use the crate near the ladder to jump on the first beam without getting your feet wet, and the height-advantage gives you a good view of camping humans who will be looking for enemies in the water itself. You can also safely retreat if you are outgunned through the side-exit and then crouch-jump to the main area outside, leaving the humans behind.

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