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General Strategy

Stalker- If you spot a marine or corporate mercenary walking by and they donít see you, it may work out better to wait and follow when they have their back to you. This way, your movement wonít be given away by their motion-tracker, which can only detect ahead of them.

The Grasshopper- It is very important to strafe, circle, and jump around your opponents during duels. Jumping is also a surprisingly effective way to evade predator discs.

The Grasshopper II- Jump when crossing corners and entering new rooms/areas. This acts as an evade, and lowers damage from explosive weapons that may hit the floor near you.

Stay on the Move- After you have killed an opponent in a duel, they will often return to the same location right after respawning, in a vengeful, bitter mood, wanting to retrieve any face they may have lost by getting the last kill. It is smart to leave an area after killing an enemy there, even if you had been planning on camping there.

Taunts- As a human, a taunt will often get the attention of any nearby teammates, and is an easy way to make them wait for you if they are running ahead. As a predator, the taunt is a great way to greet another pred when you run into each other. Itís also the best for psychological warfare on the other races.

Warrior Code- SKing, or spawn killing, is an extremely sad way to play AvP2. Attacking others when they are spawning- or automatically adjusting ping upon joining the game or after dying, incapable of attacking, but capable of being killed- is only something thatís done by newbies who are pathetically desperate for kills and assholes who wonít play fair. Another cheap tactic is spawn-camping. This means aiming carefully at a spawner, and waiting for them to move or to draw a weapon so as to quickly dispatch them, and technically avoid an SK. This is just as bad as SK. Have the self-control and valor to walk away from spawners, though as you do so, you can keep your aim on them for safetyís sake. It is especially easy to get into SKing if you really get into the game as an alien. The bloody carnage and animal speed feel of playing as an alien can make you careless. Keep this in mind, and make a commitment to play the game well. If you are spawning or have just spawned and an enemy walks by, your best move in some situations may be to stand still and not draw any weapons, hoping that the other player will walk by. If they leave you alone, don't chase after them to shoot them in the back. It's your way of saying thanks.

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