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Corporate/ Marine Strategy

A Cardboard Rifle- The powerful sniper rifle has the catch that when you arenít zoomed in, there is no on-screen targeting reticle. To make up for this, cut out a thin cardboard ďneedle,Ē and use a piece of tape to hold the broad end to the bottom of the monitor, just below the screen, and the pointed end to the exact spot where the targeting reticle usually is. You can take the make-shift reticle on and off the monitor with the same piece of tape for a long time. Also, donít try taping anything to the screen itself... The glue will stain the screen and itís a mess to clean off.

Underrated A.A. Weaponry- The EMP grenades are seriously underrated as an anti-alien weapon. Their wide-field stun explosion stops speedy aliens in their tracks, and shreds smaller ones such as the runner with only several hits. Against tougher enemies such as the predalien, though, you should quickly draw a better weapon to finish them off before the stun effect wears off. The flamethrower is another great weapon, often neglected because of its short range.

Spotting Preds- Aside from relying on a paranoid look-out for light-shifts, and watching your motion-tracker, there are other ways to spot cloaked predators. One is to always watch out for red dots in unusual places. This is the predatorís laser sight on his mask, though it means you may be about to receive a plasmacaster-induced hole in the chest, or that a disc will soon separate your head from your body. Another way to reveal predators is to waste pulse rifle or minigun ammo along walls where a predator may be waiting. A predatorís pain-induced roar and green blood sprayed against a wall should reveal its location. When part of a corporate or marine team, use the flamethrower to reveal the presence of preds by setting them aflame, while your allies deliver the killing blow. Also fire at suspicious locations in maps, where a predator would be likely to be waiting, especially with EMP grenades.

Skill- Getting headshots with the pistol is an extremely satisfying way to kill other humans.

Locked and Loaded- In games that have Praetorians running around, load any AP ammo and slugs into their respective weapons upon acquisition. When a Praetorian drops by to say hi, you can quickly switch to the pistol or shotgun and have the necessary ammo already loaded.

Paranoia- The motion-tracker can only detect movement in the forward hemisphere. When walking down long hallways, turn around every now and then to see if it picks up anyone- or anything- following behind you.

Double the Fun- Sometimes, standing still for a couple of seconds over an ammo box after you have opened it will yield double the amount of ammunition. This is especially useful when needing pulse rifle grenades.

Scared of the Dark?- In dark, poorly-lit maps like dm_alley and dm_fury151, leave your shoulder-light on. Even though it is a poor substitute for the visibility gained with the image intensifier, it does not suck battery power in multiplayer, does not negate your motion-tracker, and also can not be seen by other players.

Hug the Walls- In maps like dm_alesserfate and dm_lucifersfate, when facing aliens on the high-ground walk-ways, hug the walls, retreat, and shoot. This will negate the alienís pounce ability.

Exosuit Decoy- An excellent ploy in certain situations is to get out of an exosuit and use it as a decoy. In dm_auriga, use the exo to get to the top of the ship. Leave it facing the two entrances to the outer chamber. Crouch about 10 feet to the left of the exo, and have a sniper rifle or rocket launcher ready. Watch jealously over the two entrances, shooting at anything that comes out, while it is distracted by the exosuit. This works best against humans, though other races can be fooled, too. In dm_outpost4, take the exosuit all the way to the top room with the three large windows. Leave the exosuit facing the stairway leading to the room, so that anyone coming in will attack it instead of you right away. Also, when your exo has been heavily damaged, you are an easy kill. Get out, leaving it in a conspicuous location, and use it as a distraction and shield.

Increased Mobility- A small way to make up for the sucky human physique, so pathetic in comparison to the alienís and the predatorís, is to make efficient use of the jump-crouch. After a jump, hold the crouch button to hang on to ledges you would usually fall off from. In dm_lucifersfate, use this technique to jump over the large tubes in the ground, especially during duels with more mobile aliens and predators. In dm_outpost4, use the jump-crouch and crouching on the ledge to get on the rooftop from the high room with the three large windows, and to the rooftop on the other side of the outpost using the stacked crates.

Hiding Spots- In Survivor games, humans are usually the survivors, and the best way to play is to move constantly around the map, for the sake of getting to shoot things. In order to get the highest score, though, a player should find a good hiding spot and *cough*chicken*cough* stay alive the longest. So for the sake of these lousy players, here are the best hiding spots for two popular maps: In dm_lucifersfate, there is a very narrow space between a large tube and an entrance to a tunnel on the ground. It is in the small, enclosed courtyard that has a high-step access to the central rooftop, which predators can crouch-jump on, but humans canít. In dm_verloc, there are three effective hiding spots. There is a small enclosure underneath one of the zig-zagging, large metal stair-ways, which can only be accessed by crouching. Another is in the red-lit room with the APC. There are several crates next to each other. Jump on them, and between the crates is a tiny hiding space which is completely invisible to anyone walking by. The last one is in the main ground-level room. One of the corners by the large crates has a narrow space going into the wall. If you become a mutant in a Survivor game, check these areas ASAP, so as to teach these chickens a lesson. Particularly entertaining is shooting with the plasma pistol or chucking remote bombs at humans in the small enclosure underneath the stairways in dm_verloc.

dm_compound- The surrounding hills in this map give humans the advantage against aliens. The uneven terrain makes it difficult for them to aim pounce attacks. Also, use the trees as shields. Strafe around the trees when dueling aliens, so as to negate their pounce.

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