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We are getting ready for a transformation, eight different web companies merging into one, and you will benefit from the merger. What will we do? Save you Money!

Create Branded Email Addresses

Not only is it cool to have a "" email address, but it is also very valuable. E-mail marketing is proven to be the most popular and successful form of online marketing. Every e-mail you send out will contain your company's name, which could generate business and valuable leads. This is also great for communication among employees to send internal documents, memos, etc.

Implement Web Tracking Software

By analyzing your website statistics, you will know what marketing efforts are working for you. Its very valuable to know who is visiting your site and when? We will implement a system to track in-depth page views, analyze how visitors are finding your web site.

Submit to Top Search Engines

Did you know that search engines generate 85% of all web traffic? You may have a great looking site, but that is only half of the equation. You must let people know you are on the World Wide Web. We will submit to the Top 33 Search Engines on the Internet, including Yahoo!, Google, Excite, Lycos and more

E-Commerce Enabled- For Products and Services

Take advantage of a world wide audience and sell your products on the web. We will create a fully functional shopping cart and set up a system that will take orders, so you can run an online storefront. Why deal with the hassle of complicated and expensive ordering systems. Our system will send the payment right to your bank account, so you can see when orders hit, in real time. We will also provide the proper training and knowledge to run your entire e-commerce operation. Do you need a system for a subscription service that will automatically rebill your members every month, but dont have all the resources? No problem. You dont have to worry about doing the daily tasks of rebilling, sign ups, cancellations, etc. We will set up a smooth system that will provide you with easy payment, rather than dealing with all the billing hassles.

Animated Web Banners

Banners are very effective in building brand awareness. We can design animated banners in any size. The standard banner that you see on most websites is 468x60. We can also design skyscraper ads and cubes (125x125). Banners are great for cross promotion with your partners to drive traffic to your site.

Message Boards

Just like chat rooms, message boards are very popular. They are great for special interest groups to respond to postings and voice their own opinions. Message Boards are a great feature for getting people to come back to your site on a daily basis.

Flash Intros

A first impression is very important. A prospective client will form an opinion of your company once they see your introduction page. It could lure them in or back them off, faster than a Randy Johnson fastball. You've heard about it. You've even seen it on sites and were amazed. It's called FLASH and we can do it. How would you like to "wow" your users with all kinds of animations and sounds on your Introduction page? This will take your website to another level.

Website Translation

With the Internet being global, why limit your customers to those that only speak English. We can make your entire website bi-lingual (Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Italian) catering to a global audience.

That's just a few of our services, more coming soon. Want to get in on the early Grand Opening savings now, before we open?

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