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Tactical Assault Website

Welcome to the {AKA} Tactical Assault paintball Web site......

My name is {AKA}Soprano, I am dedicating this site to all the paintballa's out there who may want to join a team and help create the ultimate paintball field, Bigger and better than anyone has ever seen! So what can I do for you, well ill get into it later in the site. but, this is what we are working on and this is the list of {AKA}'s currently involved with this project. {AKA}Soprano , {AKA}Doger , {AKA}Zman, {AKA} Headcheese , {AKA}KronX, {AKA} DevilDogTeam Scores.
{AKA}(put your name here and join the team!)
On this site we keep track of our players stats, our goals, honor points, head shots, R.O.E points (rules of engagement) and many other things, We are a dedicated team who value fair play. So in doing this our team {AKA} gives out medals, Yes medals, for goals obtained, in paintball scenario combat.

Also on this site will be information on how to become a member of the
{AKA} Paintball Team......I will have blue prints for the new field or some simple drawings, pics of friends, teammates, pro players, paintball guns, and guns or packages for sale, schedules of games, times, etc......... The image below is from the Miliken paintball club, as you can see there were close to 100 players that day! But that is what makes this sport fun, the more the merrier! STAY TUNED.D..

Team Scores...