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      Alternative psychology based on the Vedas is becoming more popular in our time. Its followers think that it fills the blind-spots of traditional psychology in. Probably, it is not accidental that most alternative psychologists are qualified specialists who did not find answers in traditional psychology. 

     One of the founders of the alternative psychology school Rami Bleckt has recently visited the yearly festival of psychologists conducted in Almaty. He says that he has been systemizing and delivering the knowledge to people for past seven years. I approached alternative sources of cognizing a man after unavailing efforts to find answers in conventional psychology. By the way, it is rather typical for many of our followers. As you know, keenness on psychoanalysis and consulting has become normal in the western society. But are there many people who consulted with psychologists and can state that they could really change themselves? In most cases, they just wasted the money paid for the consultations. After I started learning and practicing alternative psychology, I understood the reasons for the occasional inefficiency of traditional psychology. So did the people who visited our trainings. Probably, thats why our trainings at the Almaty festival were the most frequented, Rami Bleckt says. 

     By the way, according to people who attended the training, Rami was really very popular. His lectures differed much from those ever given at the festival. Are there many psychologists who can tell exactly about the persons past, define the principal milestones in his destiny and also tell about his previous reincarnations, having available only such common data as date, time and place of birth? If for the audience it seemed almost unreal, for Rami himself everything was apparent and provable. The fact is that alternative psychology and astrology are based on Ancient Indian sacred literature called the Vedas, where life questions are explained, and philosophy and psychology are described. On Rami Bleckts opinion, astrology is even much easier: there are nine planets directly influencing on people. The sky chart was described in the ancient Indian writings very long time ago. 

     As Rami says the principal value of alternative psychology lies in the ability of the Vedic principles and astrology to find out main problems, that arose in a mans present life and rooted in his past ones, as well as to change his life for the better. In particular, the Vedas say that many difficulties originate from a wrong view on the world. The basis of the Vedas is the idea that a person is a soul which should be Love. In this case Love is not that conditioned love as it is accepted in the material world, but something more profound. Imagine that you are given a well-paid job, luxurious cottage, prestigious car, good family. But instead of all this you are deprived of love. Your colleagues turn away from you, at home you are ignored. No one loves you. Who would agree to live such a life? At the same time, alternative psychology does not oppose love against money and well-being. On the contrary, we help people become more successful financially, Rami Bleckt says.

     He is supported by Marina Targakova, a well-known Kazakhstanian homeopath, heading the medical corporation Brant. No psychology school denies the existence of soul, though no one can describe it exactly. My own search brought me to studying religions and ancient Vedic writings existing for more than 5 thousand years. The Vedas do not only prove the souls existence, they also state that we are the soul. And this changes everything radically. A person is a soul having five senses - five moving organs. The soul has a body by which it perceives the world. The soul is of no nationality, it does not want to confront with anything, and it is not egoistic. Alternative psychology studies the soul and its destinations, reasons for its coming to the world and experience it should gain, as well as why the soul is eternal.

     Rami Bleckt writes on his site: we are not material bodies, undergoing some spiritual experience from time to time, - we are spiritual souls, from time to time undergoing some material experience. By changing our inner life, we change everything outside. Our life is what we are used to think of it.

     Thoughts lead to acts. Acts lead to habits. Habits lead to character, and our character will determine our destiny. Therefore, it is impossible to change the mans destiny without changing his character and outlook. The main aim in life is to develop love to God. Also Rami claims that alternative psychology is in no way a religious study and he does not consider himself as a spiritual director. Moreover, after an hour's talk, Mr. Bleckt at last remarked, You often say your school, your religion. But I havent got a purpose of creating some kind of a sect. We just want to make all people happy and give love. In order to gain experience in alternative psychology, it is not necessary to change confession. You need just to realize some principles according to which the Universe exists. The Vedas are not only knowledge; they are an instruction to the material world as well. 


      The Vedas are the knowledge about all spheres of life. For example, what a businessman should do to become rich, how to build a family life, and how to grow children up. Knowledge about astrology is also included into the Vedas. The most important is that the writings teach people to live by love only, Bleckt says.

     But when a person puts anything no matter either his family or a job or money above Love, he loses all these in the course of time. For instance, as a rule a person, who deserved to be prosperous for a long time, is not connected to money inwardly. This does not mean that he throws his money around. The Vedas say that we should treat money with profound respect, but if they are gone, we should take this fact easily. Firstly, one should not get attached to money. Secondly, to be happy a person should devote himself to his favorite occupation. Nowadays Western technocratic society dictates demand for definite professions. For example, now there is a demand for financiers, and everyone rushes to study for a financier. Doesnt it explain why more than half a population living in USA suffers from serious mental disorders? In SNG we observe how people, who became rich in eyewink, either lose what they got or are ruined in other spheres of life.

     You know, a person will become wealthy only if his karma allows him to. This is supported by a number of observations. For example, once I studied the charts of Western rich men and I ascertained that only people with good karma were able to keep their wealth, because only karma determines how rich the man will be. But alternative psychology can influence on this aspect. In other words, if a person is ready for changes, it is possible to critically change his well-being for the better in 2-3 years. Alternative psychology is aimed at applying the knowledge in practice, and this is its strong point. I should mention that to correct the situation connected with money is the easiest task. It is much more difficult to work with those who have a spiritual attachment, - that is when a person fanatically puts morality above love. One life may be not enough to cure this attachment. 

- Are there any forecasts given by the Vedas regarding the development of the mankind?

- According to the Vedas, now we live in the Kali Yuga period a so-called iron era lasting for 5000 years already and gradually coming to the end. The Vedas predicted that this would be a technocratic era, where people would use their mind and senses for building an artificial civilization estranged from the nature, instead of developing themselves spiritually. And this will not bring any happiness, there will be many wars and the environment will be polluted.

 - It sounds so despairing

- But a new and more perfect civilization will come. The Vedas call it the Golden Age. People will be changing. I claim this as I see the astrology charts of children, that is the next generation. Every 5-10 years more and more developed souls come into this world.

 - Back to alternative psychology, how can it influence on the destinies of people if karma dictates everything in this life?

- Right, every person has to work his karma off. But besides, alternative psychology is targeted at changing the life for the better. For example, in Israel people are very practical and they will not accept the postulates of alternative psychology for nothing, only if they benefit from it. After they consult with specialists, their life changes greatly; Ive got many examples when not only the life but even the appearance of my students changed for 3 months only. As a matter of fact, how to use the knowledge in practice is the simplest one.  


     Every psychologist organizes his work as he wants. Rami Bleckt starts treating a patient with an astrology consultation. According to the Vedas, a man passes several stages of reincarnation, and every previous life influences the following one. For example, a person who sins in this life will work his sins off in the next one. At the festival Rami astonished one of the listeners by revealing details of his life, and also by telling him that in his past life he ran over a child, that is why in this life he was destined to choose a profession of a resuscitator. His karma was to save people. In the other case, by details of a completely strange person Rami indicated that a child of this man was very sick and he described his principle diseases. As Rami mentioned, traditional medicine would not help the child, for he had to work over the rage and envy he had had in his past life. 

     The Almaty festival was visited by a Moscow businessman who was concerned by a question: Why have I come to this world? Ive got everything I am prosperous, Ive got money, Ive got a family. But what should I do? Marina Targakova, who has been studying alternative psychology for a long time, thinks that there is nothing accidental in this life, and the reincarnation system described in the Vedas clearly demonstrates it. If you are happy, it means youve deserved it. In this case, alternative psychology teaches us the following: yes, you were a decent person in your past life. Its like a vacation youve earned. But sooner or later it will come to the end. When the time of death comes, you will have to pass a sort of exam and answer the question: What good have you done? People should know and understand what their well-being is rooted in. It relates especially to people who are totally happy in all spheres of life, - they will be more responsible for their deeds. 

     Its interesting to note that alternative psychology, as well as traditional one, differentiates people according to personalities. Though, it also classifies different development levels. The first level is called Ana-Maya. These people strive for reaching prosperity. Moreover, as Mrs. Targakova states, an Ana-Maya person does not necessarily have to be greedy and stupid, - he may be educated enough, but nevertheless his main values in life will be money and power. People of the second level of consciousness, - they are called Prana-Maya, mainly worry about their own health. Mana-Maya is the third level of consciousness. These people are interested in the questions of a human beings origin, his destination on the Earth, as well as the existence of other civilizations. The forth level Vediana-Maya is reached by a person who realizes that he is a soul. This knowledge prompts him to self-improvement and further studying. The last fifth level Ananda-Maya is reached by not so many people. As a rule, these are saints and prophets. Rami says, that a man can evolve and if he wishes he can pass to a higher level. 

     We have nothing against material well-being. On the contrary, we assist people in making this sphere of life better with the help of alternative psychology. Our first and foremost aim now is to give unconditional love to every person. The most interesting thing is that when people let love come into their lives, they feel improvement in all other spheres. Western psychology states that if a man rejected relationship, in the course of time he will lose everything: money, job, etc. If we draw a parallel between traditional and alternative psychologies, we will see that under relationship alternative psychology understands love. Even in business all long-term relations last due to mutual respect and sympathy. Not what we traditionally call love, but Absolute Love exists in such relationship. In this life all the Universe is based on love. The more we live by love, the fewer problems we have with our bodies.