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Alamance Community College


Obtaining books for next semester can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive.  This site was designed to eliminate the hassle, long lines, and the expenses of  book stores who charge usurious rates.  BookSolution provides the students at ACC with an opportunity to expeditiously recover the incurred cost of textbooks with the possibility of interest by skipping the middle man and dealing directly with the students.  
Finally the solution is here!  

With this site you will be able to:

  • Save money by buying or trading used text books with other students at ACC.

  • Post miscellaneous that may be too big to ship through ebay or too expensive to place in news papers such as: car speakers, computers, roommates, rooms for rent, home stereos, pets...  

  • Save time by skipping long lines at book stores.  

  • Just input data from the comfort of any computer, and relax while the system works for you.

  • View ads that others place for FREE!

BookSolution President statement:
"Like most people, I could not afford to return my books for a minimal refund.  When it was time to register for classes, I scrambled to find money for books and classes.  When I saw all the books that I thought I would save for the future, collecting dust in the corner of my room, I decided to sell them back to the students directly.  BookSolution provides such a great service for such a nominal fee, anyone can place an ad or shop for used books from the comfort of home.  I have faith that the student body of Alamance Community College will support me 100% and help make this service available for students nation wide."
Thank you ACC students!

  Jason Gural 
- Alamance Community College -
Phi Theta Kappa
BookSolution President