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This is the updates section this section is for updates or a brief news.


There is a new contest sponsored by angelgurl581! Go to the contest section of the better than you section to get more details! These are the prizes below

First Place: 5000np!
Second Place: 4000np!
Third Place: 3000np!
Fourth Place: 2000np!
Fifth Place: 1000np!

Also council has changed instead of crazyladykid being treasurer i am sk8er_guy121.

Also someone else beside her has left the guild please remeber to advertise either in the chats or shops or trades whatever it takes.

Thats about it for now check in daily!

There is a new banner made by me now up go check it out in the banner section of the site.

-----If there is other updates send them to me at my neomail my username is sk8er_guy121
These are the rules listed in our guild H.Q.
  • No stealing/Bedazzling guild money!
  • Do not ask for a newbie pack, this guild has to many members joining getting a newbie pack then leaving, also guilds shouldn't have to reward you for joining! We will spend our money on contests prizes ect.
  • No swearing!
  • No deleting messages or anything else without permission.
  • Do not bribe it wont work.
  • Respect Everyone!