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Match Maker--Neomail john13141516, if you want to be matched!

Journalist--For the newsletter, we need journalists.If you have an article, send it to the editor (dream_on007), if u have an idea for a topic, neomail the editor, or if u would like to be a journalist neomail dream_on007.U don't have to be a journaist to write an article. U get 1 plushie per article that gets published.The difference between a journalist, and someone who will sometimes write articles is: journalists will get assigments(they don't NEED to do them,but it would be helpful).



Join a job whenever you want
These are the rules listed in our guild H.Q.
  • No stealing/Bedazzling guild money!
  • Do not ask for a newbie pack, this guild has to many members joining getting a newbie pack then leaving, also guilds shouldn't have to reward you for joining! We will spend our money on contests prizes ect.
  • No swearing!
  • No deleting messages or anything else without permission.
  • Do not bribe it wont work.
  • Respect Everyone!