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Welcome to the guild homepage/webbie/whatever you want to call it. The site has been done by sk8er_guy121 which is me. Now first i want to say if a picture doesnt show up or their is an error try refreshing the page If you still have the problem email or neomail me my email is

Ok here is how you get around on this site. first to the left of you is the navigation section this is guild related links. So you know what's happenining Then below that are links to places you should visit daily or in some amount of hours. those links will take you directly to that page. Then to the right of you the rules section. That section will be on each and every page so you know

A little reminder always be sharing to the guild donate once in a while the more you give to the guild the better prizes that come out of the contests. And try to do things for the newsletter if you can. :-)

These are the rules listed in our guild H.Q.
  • No stealing/Bedazzling guild money!
  • Do not ask for a newbie pack, this guild has to many members joining getting a newbie pack then leaving, also guilds shouldn't have to reward you for joining! We will spend our money on contests prizes ect.
  • No swearing!
  • No deleting messages or anything else without permission.
  • Do not bribe it wont work.
  • Respect Everyone!