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Scotland Students Vs Tartarstan Students
Score: Scotland 23-18 Tartarstan Venue: Padova, Italy 19th July

Scotland Students Rugby League caused a sensation in Padova, Italy. They stormed back to gain an outstanding victory against tough opposition of Tartarstan, the Russian State who are seeded 2nd in Europe, one placing higher than Scotland. After facing a worrying deficit of 14-0 after only 15 minutes of play, the Scots fought back to seal an ecstatic victory of 23-18.

The Scots kicked off to a very tentaive start, being punished for their nervous mistakes by the immensely powerful Tartarstan team. However the Scots regained their composure producing a tally of superb team and individual tries, topped by Peter Oshagbemi's try of the tour. After creeping back through well earned tries from Peter Shaw and Chris Fletcher, Oshagbemi stole the lead with a try that can only be described as a superbly skillful individual effort. The Scots were looking at another Tartarstan offensive right on their try-line but Oshagbemi took possession from the 5th tackle kick, penetrated the defensive line, handing off two and weaving past his stunned opposition. Oshagbemi sprinted the length of the pitch, accelerating past both winger and fullback to touch the ball down between the posts. After this dramatic try there was nothing stopping the rampaging Scots who went on to score a further individual try from Shaw to seal the well deserved victory.

The match proved the high skill levels of the Scots and their ability to regain composure through their tremendous team spirit. The sensational Scots go on to face Italy on Sunday hoping to retain their brilliant form and display to the home nation how strong Student rugby is in the British Isles.

Scotland U/19 Vs Development Scotland
Score: Scotland U/19 22-22 Development Scotland Venue: Padova, Italy. 19th July 2002

A thrilling match between the Development Scotland Rugby League and the Under-19s Scotland Rugby League teams provided the curtain raiser for the long awaited clash between Scotland Students and Tartarstan yesterday.

The two Scotland sides contained both Tartarstan and Italian players for the friendly exhibition match, an opportunity for the the three nations to prove their talents and reinforce the bond between Scotland and their international counterparts.

The good natured match provided end to end excitement with both squads displaying extremely well matched rugby. Bryan Hendry of the Scotland Under-19s produced the opener for the match, intercepting the ball and charging 80 yards to score between the posts. The lead continuously altered with particularly talented play from Donald Anderson, Karl Higgins, and Stewart Naismith from the Under-19s, and Kov Bahadori and David Fiskin of the Development squad.

The conclusion of this entertaining match was a 22-22 draw, a justifiable scoreline illustrating the equal ability of both sides, and providing another opportunity to increase their match play experience and confirm those playing friendships with Tartartstan and Italy.

Written by: Kate Cochrane

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