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Kelloggs Challenge Cup 01/02






 France 20 Scotland 42

Wed Jul 4 -  Author: Steven Birchall @

Glasgow born coach Bill McGinty has sparked a pride in his national side, which saw them run away winners against France for the first time ever.

Playing in 34 Degree heat in the southern French City of Lezignan, Scotland ran in 7 tries to four in their biggest victory ever in their short history.

"I'm just so proud," said the Glasgow-born McGinty. "I wanted them to play with passion and I kept reminding them of who they were playing for.

"It wasn't just another game. It had to mean something special and they all went out and gave their all."

Scotland were fired up from the start, scoring three tries in the opening 13 minutes and never gave up, despite the hot conditions for the mid-week clash. Despite France missing some key players, McGinty still thought the result would be a lot closer given the disruptions the side has had in its lead up to the match.

The star for Scotland was Adrian Vowles, a regular loose forward for Castleford who played at standoff in this game. Vowles set up four of the side's seven tries with bombs near the line and some deft passing to put players into gaps.

This was Scotland's first win against France: the Scots went down 22-20 at Glasgow in 1997 and in 1998 France beat them again 26-22 in Perpignan. Scotland had a disappointing time in the last World Cup, but performed strongly in this match. The commitment of its players bodes well for proposals to expand this summer's internationals into a regular 'five nations' tournament.

Also the RLIF has to bring in a rule that says along the lines of "if you can’t play the mid-week representative match, you cannot play the weekend match either," which will stop players pulling out with ‘fake’ injuries.

Tries: 2x D.Arnold, 2x J.Flowers, M.Crowther, D.Maiden, N.Lowe
Goals: Matt Crowther 7
Tries: V.Snick, S.Houles, P. Jampy R. Sort
Goals: Dulac 2
Crowd: 3,200 (Capacity around 3,500)


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