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Advanced- Grenade Tactics

Grenade Tactics

Ghost Force-Well, Grenades and satchels can be quite usefull weapons, one grenade can kill an enemy soldier, so if theres 2 enemy soldiers beside each other one can kill both, and a satchel can disable an enemy tank if placed right, but one thing they are good for besides killing, is drawing the eyes of the enemy, say your a sapper, get to the edge of an enemy town before the attack force, throw grenades all over on that side, plant satchels on the buildings meanwhile firing your pistol off and watch everyone scramble to that side while the force hits from another side.

Smoke Shield - One of my favorite tactics with grenades, say your sprinting for cover when you notice that rifle man in the direction your running taking pot shots at you, well , throwing a grenade in his direction will create a temporary wall of black smoke between him and you, quickly proceed with another and it will leave him disoriented, also if its close enough i have seen them flee, giving me time to get to my cover and then proceed around a different area (no point in going in where they know you are approaching from)

Easy AB cap - Tired of watching your fellow soldiers run into the AB only to be mowed down by the frog with a SMG inside?!?! WELL GIVE EM SOME SHOOTIN' HOLES! lob some grenades at that building (from a safe distance don't want that SMG finding your torso) and watch it burn down and expose le froggie in the wide open inside!

Flippin Bedfords - INCOMING BEDFORD N OF TOWN! heard that alot? well, if ya happen to be where the bedford is, and its roaring in , lob some grenades at it, and twice i've done this and the drivers have swerved to miss the explosions and flip the truck! when the truck is flipped, the infantry are all in a nice cute little bundle for some nadin'!