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Gaming News


Monster Rancher 4 coming soon

Tecmo announces that its latest monster-breeding adventure game has gone gold and will arrive in stores later this month.

Tecmo has today announced that Monster Rancher 4 has gone gold. The story-driven adventure game, which is currently scheduled for release on November 17, will see players assuming the role of a young monster breeder named Phan who is attempting to make a life for himself on an island after stowing away on a cargo ship.


Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller Demo


Empire Interactive has released a playable demo of Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller, offering an opportunity to check out their just released arcade driving game sequel by Hitmaker/Sega (ported to the PC by Strangelite). The demo features the Glitter Oasis area where you can "work for 3 minutes" in a choice of four cabs. The 100MB demo can be found at Tiscali Games, 3DGamers,