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Here we are again with another bunch of soft songs
maybe you are wondering why it took us so long
with a schedule tight, studiotime in sight
we have mostly been out touring
inspiration has been hard this time and honestly
I've had some problems with all these rhymes

We're under stress again, but it has always been that way
and once we get it right, then I know it's there to stay
We're under stress again, but we're used to all that now
it's always tough at first but somehow we always end up fine

Third album, less of ska and not so many fast ones
more of poppy, pushy songs, those that we do best now
nine to five at Unisound in January '97
we had the greatest time, with Dan as engineer
now the outcome is what you hear

If you're lonely or if you're happy
feeling swell or feeling blue, we might have a tune for you
it's about half of an hour, maybe less or maybe more
whatever it might be it's still softcore


When I am lozin' must in a conversation
it makes me use my imagination
start to think that they're after me
cause I'm as sore as those monkeys hope
the chat goes on and I feel smaller
the guys in front of me they get taller
when I open my mouth again to tell them something more
they answer me with a hockeyscore

Must be strong, can't be wrong
or you'll be lozin' must, you'll be loozin' trust in yourself

Well, I have this girl and I make here crazy
when I'm gone she's bored and lazy
I get a kick from pushin' her
but I'm not sure about how she feels about it
my favorite hockeyteam are strugglin'
it makes my stomach bubblin' bad
their hard time really makes me sad
we had some fucked up years
now it's time to whipe away those tears

It's been a tough time for me this past year
lots of questions who I am or what I wanna be
I also found some answers the fog is gone
I feel better every day and now the feeling is here to stay


Every morning, it's a new surprise
don't know who I am before I roll the dice
the options is the only thing that I decide
you see, I live for the moment know
I never did before, with all and everything I sweap the floor
random I am, I never give a damn about what's gonna happen next
my wife and kids they left me and my job is just a memory
but that's the kind of price you've got to pay
if you're gonna go your own way
salving problems can be done in many ways

I don't care, I just roll the dice
It's o.k, cause I just have to pretend that I am someone else

Get rid of all the habits now that's the plan
come on and try it and you'll feel grand
the first step is the hardest step to take
imagination is the only brake
just roll the dice and everything will turn out nice
you can be who you wanna be
do what you wanna do and do it how you like
this is my way of getting thru the day, but I still don't know


When I was a kid I thought that I could fly
throw myself out of a widow, right out into the sky
now when I am older I know that I could die
die from a depression, I would learn my lesson well

Life's so normal, nothing's shocking
Boring planet, cause no one here is rocking
Life's so tragic, nothing's clocking
Boring planet cause no one here is rocking hard

When I was a kid I thought that I was strong
the girls in school got beaten up by me every day long
now when I am older I know that it was wrong
to deal with girls in the first place, cause a broken heart is now the case
I'm broken hearted in disgrace

It's a boring planet, we're just lying to ourselves
It's a boring planet, thank's to us and no one else


A snake, a fake, he's lame, he's in this game
for the money and for the fame
a spin, a grin, he's on and then we yawn
steals the credit then he's gone
he's the man with a plan and first he'll seem helpfull
to make sure that you're on the hook
he's so full of bull and he sure will pull
some strings to make things go his way
everything will go his way

We're in the monkey biz
the monkey boogie is nothing new
and he'll be doin' the dance with you

Humble, mumble, stumble don't think so
that is not the way to go
connect, collect, correct, what did you expect?
did you think that he seriously cares for you?
do the monkey boogie, orangu-tango, baboon!


I'm one year older now since last time I saw you
in case you wanna know, I'm about to say what I'm up to
first of all I'm a sluggard movin' slow in a clumsy way
some peace of mind is what I want, but that will be the day

I've been going with the flow for too long now, this must end
running 'round in circles, I've been so far away from myself
Searching for the energy and the time to make a change in my life
instead of watching it pass by, get something done while I'm alive

I'm twenty two, don't know what I'm supposed to do
or how to be, to get some more out of me
I'm twenty two, so far away from all my dreams
I'm twenty two, feeling blue

I try to activate myself the best I can
so that boredom won't catch up with me, I've got my daily plan
wake up late, then reherse a bit with the band, I guess it's cool?
later when I'm home again I boil a note or two
then I go to bed that's what I do

afraid that I will be weak forever
I can't stay in this shape any longer
my life's just another clichť


Can you pass me the black gold
I wanna know how many shirts got sold
I'm gonna beat you in soccer
we bought our Juve-shirts in an Italian footlooker
we saw the real world today
poor swedes were afraid
left France behind us
broke some fingers of Magnus'

like it or not, I always say that I'd rather go home
like it or not, this time I never wanted to go home

Ingredients is a big thing
we crown Stavanger to king
wanna see more of Moulder
at night the buss is getting colder
we saw the real world today
did you know it's in Brussels
now we hope that you missed us
we'll be home to X-mas

wanna see you again someday soon, it'd be great
you're totally o.k

its over now, it's December
like a friend once said, it's times to remember


Trendy winds are blowing thru my hair
the punk-elite are checking everything I wear
I'm tired of their endless whine, why can't they mind their own
cause what I am is what I will be

Don't need you or your crew
to tell me what to do
everyday when you try to waste my time
I waste a rhyme

Sometimes I can't understand what's wrong
cause this scene is filled with people who's bad and nong
you're an idiot and looser if you go their way
cause you don't need no one-track crew now

sometimes I can't understand what's wrong
to all you suckers we dedicate this song


I remember when this was different then a job
for friendship and for fun, in harmony we got it done
we had a good scene going in our hometown Pennybridge
Most of those bands are gone, it can be tough to stand alone
so many times it has been shown

But it looks good, just as it should
feels good, not for me I can't say that yet
not when you're filled up with regret
if I felt good today you know that I would stay

You were my girl until this day
I can't understand you're not anymore
more than two years shared with you
all the things that we've been through
In my memory forever, you'll be there until I die
and though this is the end, I love you more then as friend
doesn't matter it's the end

Everything has it's time and I will sure have mine
so many things that we start almost tear us apart, eventually
everyone has their own way they got to go
so many things that we start with people who brakes our heart
one time, then do the same to another one


Looking back with anger, looking back with joy and laughs
don't ask me all those questions, cause I don't have the answers now
I tried to hold back all my thoughts and all my dreams
just to make things better, I was using myself past my means

But all those days are gone
and I can't find the path that I should follow
I'm walking unknown land
mile after mile I search the way back to my mind
and I can not believe how hard it is to find
when I'm down

I used to make things easy, I used to be a happy guy
but now things seem so diffrent, that I can't even play the game
I got to try to find the way thru all this now
so what I need now, is someone to read the map cause I don't know how

I feel ashame and I'm to blame
cause I tried to be, I tried to see things from my side
and I also bleed, I also need some space
it's time to close this case


The joy and the pain, it's all in the game
but right now the joy's far away
we're gonna take it back to how it was before now
so what if we're last, so what if we're gone
you're waiting for that day, but I know it won't come
we've reached the bottom and now we're just looking forward

For twelve years I've been down
but I'm not whining, I'm still smiling
I'm still around every night

every Sunday or Wednesday I'll be there
with all the other folks biting those nails
and some of us I know that we would die for you
maybe you think it's just cause I have my smartcard
but forget that pall, tell you what
we're in it and we're in it to win it

so many hours spent in that building
and all the memories divine
just a few more seasons, then we'll be back


I don't know what to say, cause I don't feel that good today
I don't know what to do, I left my mind in all that glue
if I try to think or if I do someting about this mess
then I will find myself in a situation I can't deal with now

my head it start to pound
my thoughts are flying around
and my body hits the ground

I can't hear a sound and I feel fine
I can see whats wrong
I'm alone and strong

I keep my eyes on you, just to make myself sure
I don't know why I care, cause it makes me feel so poor
and I must try to leave all this stuff behind me now
I feel fine today, but tomorrow, I don't know what I will say

cause my head will start to pound
and my thoughts will fly around
when my body hits the ground

Then I won't hear a sound and I feel fine
I can see whats wrong
I'm alone and strong