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Twenty one, feeling down
I tell you nothing with a thousand words
and I weaker get with every step
I waste my time on compact disc's and staly fish
I can't remember the last time I did something
that made me feel all right longer than a few hours
if I only had the time to make some muffins
then I swear that I would share them with you now

Am I odd or am I not?
that's the question I spend time analyzing
I'm so soft but still I'm not
living up to what people want me to be
cause I'm busy with me, myself and I
can't be understood by someone I don't know to well
so I'm shutting out the whole world just to play Nintendo
I've got these games but I'm afraid you can't join me

These last few years I've been struggling
and I'm tired of keeping a low profile
so now it's time to show that I'm alive

I'm gonna change my life, plans, Vans, start to dance
change my thoughts, sox, moves
even change my pro fighter Q for you


Could it be I'm a lonely one
that made everything so upside down now?
Could it be all the lies I told that gave
nightmares to me after an olympic day?
you said everything was fine
but I saw you through
and I knew that I was just as bad as you

Never said I would give you up
but if I must than tell me why now
never said I believed in all those things I've heard
about you from those rumors now
I thought everything was fine
but you proved me wrong
and I was taken by surprise

Don't like me, don't like me
don't you know I'm good for nothing
don't like me, was what you told me when I called you up
Don't like me, don't like me
don't you know I'm good for nothing
don't like me, whatever I may say to make you feel that way

Could it be I'm a lonely one
that turned everything so upside down now?
Could it be that you told me that you still loved me
that made me change so quickly now
I heard me when you called

Don't like me, don't like me
don't you know I'm good for nothing
don't like me, was what you told me when I called you up
Don't like me, don't like me
don't you know I'm good for nothing
don't like me, even though inside I know I want you too
didn't want to tell you what to do


When you've been pushed to the side
you feel kind of useless
it feels like something's left inside
so do it right this time and leave that stuff behind
stop thinking about it
you have to get away right now

so move your car, I think it's best for you right now
move your car, you have to get on with your life
so do it now

You don't deserve to feel this way
cause you're not a loser
you have to clear your mind and see
that it was not your fault
you're not the one to blame
you can put it away now
so take some time to change your life

I guess that's best for you to move that car
it will take some time
but in the end you'll find
that you're worth a better life than this


I wonder what the best thing is
to have a face or to have charm?
well, my girl's two-faced and she's a fart-alarm
I'm not blind and I do have a nose
but I don't wanna use it now
I rather try to follow my heart this time
good looks, it makes me nervous
I need someone who's not perfect

It's you, you're overweight and lovely
yes it's true, a pig in walking shoes
you drool every time we kiss, I must say you rule
I'm falling in love with you

I know that all those trendy girls
would leave me when I'm broke
and also be disgusted if I smoke, no joke
I don't want no model
unless she has a major body

just an ounce of human touch, I realize it's a killercrush
I'm dancing, I'm overjoyed
I took a chance on you, cause I wanted some romance too
and now I'm happy as can be
cause this supersized woman means all to me


First words you say in tears
complaining how I'm never near
I know I'm lost sometimes
cause I'm grounded in my mind
it's like this all the time
first I say that you're ok then I go my way
and you're desperate, so desperate when you're down

Here I stand, take my hand
and I'll try to understand you right
the best way I can, cause after all I am your friend

Last words you scream to me
you don't expect too much of me
cause I could give you anything if I just could be myself
It's like that all the time
first I say that you're ok then I my way again
you're so desperate but still mine

Now the girl is working, now the girl feels fine
and I'm the one who feels down
but if she'll be working until the end of time
I hope she'll understand me then, the best way she can
cause after all I'm her friend 'til the end


The story of my life, well let's just say it's a fork and a knife
there's one thing on my mind, one thing all the time
I got to fill my mouth
got no favorite meal, I say every meal is clean if it fills me up for real
my belly's big and it's just a start, my appetite is my heart
when I had enough I just through up and laugh

This time, it's not a cow, it's kind of personal, can't explain to you why
this time, it's not a cow, so mr.PC are you ready to bow

Breakfast in bed, the bed's in the kitchen so it's easy to be fed
and when I'm fed, yes, when I'm fed, I go back to bed
food and sleep-watch, the thing should keep me from having too much
sometimes it feels that I could kill for desert

The story of my life, a big fork and the sharpest knife
I guess this solid bridge leads me on to the nearest fridge
not a pig, sheep, chicken, moose, duck, snake, horse or a frog


you know the times when I'm lost and confused,
I lose control, and I find you to abuse,
I feel like shit now cause it's getting to me,
I treat you like someone I don't wanna be
I talk to myself and say that you're outstanding,
then you call me up and I explain how I'm sorry again

t's not the first time our love seems to be fading,
but we're still here and same things we're defending,
you leave me now and there will be no happy ending,
we can at least try to pretend

we share my bed when we could share so much more,
if we just could talk things out I'd sleep on the floor,
I wanna give you all respect that I can
it can be hard cause I'm just a boy not a man
you have a point when you suggest it's not that simple,
I guess you're right cause there is many things on a plow

I need a rest right now, from myself and everyone,
I got to focus my mind on you, you're the one I love


another fairytale about these endless feelings
and when it's heating up I think I'm stuck forever,
I try to lose some weight, I try to get in shape
but in the end I always end up lost inside myself

up and down gets nothing done, I just keep it waiting
round and round out with the thumb, no, I just keep on waiting

twelve numbers stare at me, sometimes it's not that easy,
instead of waking up I think I'll sleep forever,
what happened to the dayroutines that always kept me going?
where the hell are all the dreams I had about my life?, but someday I'll get the time, to get me back
on the right track and no more slack,
got to keep an open mind, I got to get out of this daily grind
and deep inside I know I will


in a tiny spaceship, with four legs a pillow and some sheets,
that's where my idols always meet, I'd like to be there now

trying every night to see a UFO, but in case I don't,
just in case I won't I've got my fantasy to lean on

vulcan eyebrows, vulcan ears, that's what I dream of,
no more sorrow, no more tears, can't you get me beamed up?
vulcan logic, vulcan needs, quite bizarre but still a dream
as I'm waiting for that beam

bullshit is all we talk on this planet we call earth
since I'm tired of that I'll take a further step
I think I'll find my way in space


on your knees cause you're not wanted,
your life is a chaos and you wonder will it ever end
and all these feelings they're for real keep you down
just the way it's planned out today, today you've lost your way

people grin, behind your back they are talking
they are say you're doing it the wrong way once again
all these relations you believed in seem to brake up
and it drives you crazy

any day you'll feel ok, your shoes will get you anywhere
just be patient cause soon you'll have your fun

staying in, hide away from problems,
imagination's playing games with you again
it's no illusion, it's just confusion
but when the fog's gone you'll come out strong
there's no time to be feeling down


one step forward two steps back
we're the masters of disaster
pillowpride and shumway lies isn't what you expected
a solid demon crawls in you, at least that's what they're saying
but we don't care, we're just launging now and
got to keep our pinegalic post

in a softworld, from AMF to earl gray
in a softworld, it's softcore
but don't ask me now what it's all about

next stop is looking good
cause you don't know what it offers
the treasurehunt was ment to be something ultra clean
munkers say it's not ok
cause you're lost in what you're doing
but this is it when softcore's lit
and we won't change a shit

take time to wonder if it's really worth it
so many broken kinder eggs
so many stolen lipton bags
do we really give something back


take your silly words and listen to yourself
cause I'm living my life tonight and nothing's gonna hurt me
can't you understand that I can be myself without everything
without anything, without any help from you
we're not having fun, we never really laughed,
we have to get things before we end ourselves

what about me? do you care enough to see
that I can't live my life this way and that you don't understand?
what about me? am I the one who's going down
cause sometimes I can't find myself and
I'm wondering if this is really me?

I remember those days when we first met
how simple things were then, with no heartache and no pain
now things change so fast
that we must take the time to talk things over and listen to our minds


you think you're cool cause you know every girl in town, but you don't do
cause when you're out at night they don't look your way
you've got all that trendy shit and a jolly air for brains
and you are busy to watch out for that ugly girl you know

you think girls like that will ruin your style
cause a perfect guy like you need something more
you're so cool, you've got everything a girl desire
you're so cool, with a perfect butt you can go far

you're telling me that I am thinking way to small to understand
that you have reached your goals and I am far away
and all the things you say that you know I don't want to hear
so throw your empty words away and listen to what I say
I'm not jealous in all the lies you tell, just take it easy
you might end up in hell
you're so perfect, you've got everything and you are way to cool
to understand that you are out of line