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Potions Class

Hello, this is Professor Johnsen.

  • Welcome to Week 3 of potions!

  • Lets review the swelling solution.
    Humm, in this professor log it says that you all did do swelling solutions, and everyone got sprayed with I right? Hehe, well lets not get everyone dounced in it this time alright? Read below and answer the quesitons at the bottom for your homework. hurry!

    The swelling solution is used for making things it touches grow larger in size. This could be anything, human or nonhuman. It can be reversed by a Deflating Draft. It works right away, so we will be testing it on your partners hand. I have the Draft right here. One of thhe very important ingredients in this solution is the puffer-fish eyes.


  • Questions again....5 points per question.
    1)What does a swelling solution do?
    2)Is it reversable?
    3)With what?
    4)Can it effect non human things?
    5)What is an important ingredient?

    Please give your name and house.

    Email Me with your homework.