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Mission Demolition Game details

I'm not really sure what details are important to a game like this so this will just be a basic rundown of how it's internal workings work.
The enemy waves are random to a certain point and start off small, the amount of enemies that appear at once is related to the number of overall kills you have. After a certain number of kills (10 to start) you'll get a miniboss to shoot at, again it chooses a random one from four different mini-bosses. After you kill a certain number of minis you'll get the big end of level style boss, there are five of these in total.
You get bonus points for the % of live enemies you kill, so try not to let too many slip past.
If you'd like a countdown while playing press C, it puts a base5 (I was bored) countdown at the bottom of the screen until the next miniboss and boss.
The game runs fast even with dozens of bad guys and debris and bullets flying about, without v-sync capping the fps on my p2-550 box it runs at 100fps+ most times. Press F while playing for an FPS readout.

The game uses less than twenty 256x256 bitmaps to hold all its graphics and I have room left for making more bad guys, one day...
The background music midis were made by me, I hope they're not too distracting while playing.

Thanks for all the people out there that have posted VB tips and tricks and examples, one site in particular was lucky's VB gaming site, enough examples there to help start making your own games!

LoonyCoder out