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Loony Coder Home page

Mission Demolition, This is the first game I've ever released for public consumption. It's an arcade style shooter, take your ship and blow big holes in the evil alien invaders. Gain powerups from defeating mini-bosses and take on bigger and badder enemies.

Controls have been kept simple so to not distract from the gameplay.
Arrow keys move your ship around the screen
Ctrl fires the guns
Shift toggles the fire mode (you'll only notice a difference in fire modes once you have a few weapon powerups)

Press F during gameplay for an fps readout.
For more in game details click here

Your side is losing the war. Aliens have destroyed most of your fleet, you're left with only a prototype advanced attack craft, take it out for a spin! Your mission? Demolition!

Download the zip file, Unzip all the files to a folder of your choosing.
It should run on any machine that you can put directx7 or higher on. Make sure you have the visual basic 6 runtime installed on your computer too. Took me about 2 weeks on and off to write, i'm no computer artist and it shows sometimes but I dont think the graphics are too bad. The sound is functional (I shall say no more).

bug reports, feedback, email to loonycoder at yahoo dot com (I hate web spambots)
Depending on how busy I am I may not be able to write back, dont be offended :)

This Game is freeware, if someone charged you money for it go and get it back.
This game makes no changes to your system,
I take no responsibility if after running it your machine explodes
or doesnt start or any of that kind of stuff.

Known bugs:
The game runs in fullscreen only and will quit if you alt-tab out of it, I'll fix this one day, maybe.

An enemy boss ship

Another enemy boss ship

Screenshots from a test P2-550 box with v-sync on.
(capped at 50fps)
I've noticed turning off directx V-sync makes for a smoother game.