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Andy & Justin's Page

Hey this is our page, and it is under construction, so don't get crabby in the guest book, since it's not very big,(HILLARI). EVERYONE SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK, we want to know who has been here. In our page we will have: Info. on us and our women, A Photo Gallery, Music samples and an AWESOME background.

Justin aka lady's man and hot lips

Andy aka Sizzlelips

Scroll down to find biographies of both of these womenizers.


Hey I'm Justin, I like women..... alot, and I also like PARTIES. I have a few hobbies like, basketball, baseball, football, golf, and I also play the guitar (Women is also one of my hobbies, they take up most of my time, and money). Andy and I are good friends, we are also on the same baseball team...Except ANDY didn't go out for J.V. I catch for J.V. and our Babe Ruth team. I hope you have a good time at our page!!!



Well, after being told many times to update this "gay" page. i've decided to do so......As you all know, my name is Andy and i a fool (bows)...oops, that's not my line now is it?!?!?! for all of you in cyber space, you don't understand that joke but that's ok. Well, back to me, hi.......some things i like to do are skateboard,play baseball and golf (i'm goin out for jv this year), and play guitar. soon enough you'll be able to hear me on this site but that's not until i have apsolutely no time on my hands and nothing better to do. so in other words, no time soon will you hear me. As i told earlier, this site is primarily justin's site. i'm just the html "expert" so i code this page up and he writes what he wants to say, fun fun fun.......I'll leave you with a favorite quote of mine "If god had meant for texans to ski, he would have made bullshit white" there you go......

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