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The Middenheim Journals

The journey South has many dangers & unexpected surprises. From the writing hand of Tarl, Mercenary Colonel of the Iron Skulls comes the following entires.

Wellentag, Brauzeit 2503IC We have finished our first day on our journey to Skavenblight. We have lost two members and gained two more so our numbers stay the same. I shall miss Herly and brave Maleck. Our group seems more subdued with Malecks passing. Even Grog's continuous singing doesn't do much to lighten our mood. Berren de Coor, a village that has felt the desolation of Chaos. Only Gillantious and a few of the scouts know what has happened in that village. We could do nothing to help them, and it nags at me constantly. I only hope that when we have accomplished our goal that their will still be people alive to appreciate it. I hope that Sana's group is fareing well.

Aubentag, Brauzeit 2503IC The past three days have provided us with good time for traveling and we have covered a lot of ground. Unfortunetly there is still no sign of Gillanthious and Grog. I've had to harshly order Kit not to pursue after them, even though I wanted to jump on my horse and look for them as well. They are obviously involved in something and cannot rejoin us at the moment. Rathorian the Wizard and his Bard friend Sirilian have caught up with us. A welcome addition if only temporary. He's offered to teach me to use this massive two-handed sword that he gave me. Perhaps I'll take the time to learn while he's here. Everybody seems happy if a little subdued, I just hope that our morale stays high.

19, Brauzeit 2503IC Disaster has struck our group. What I thought would be a pleasant stop for lunch had turned into mayhem. It started this way, I should have recognized the signs sooner. Yarilion and Eirik have ever been foes. A Dwarf and a Magician rarely agree, but a former Necromancer and a Chaos Hunter are a deadly combination as we found out. For some reason, perhaps Yarilion's fading sanity, Yarilion picked a fight with Eirik, the outcome was surprising. Both had fallen dead but Rathorian, my father's old friend, stepped in and cast a mighty curative spell upon Yarilion and so he still lives. But Eirik we had to bury. Things didn't get much better after that. Since our peaceful lunch had been disrupted we decided to continue on. That was when we were approached by the peasant. The man was begging for food and water, my first inclination was to help the poor wretch but then the halfling announced that he had the plague. Most of us scrambled away but Ilsa succumbed to it fairly quickly. An arrow from one of our party ended the life of the peasant and Ilsa. Kron and myself burned the bodies. We continued on. Rathorian announced his departure that afternoon and left with the bard and the syrinx, the Deer centaur that we encountered before the tragedies. They plan to go to Middenhiem to look for some Items that Rathorian had left behind. I hope that he also finds my father in good health. I have given him a copy of my journal to give to him should he find my father. I hope that the days to come are more pleasant than this last one. Tarl of Languishire

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