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The Iron Skulls, The Children of Thorngrim

There once was a mercenary captain by the name of Captain Grizmourn Gondul IV. He had a unit named the Iron Skulls. 12 dwarves that were bad little squats, as he use to call them. Then on a ship to Albion him & ol' Coot, his brother, disappeared. Leaving his sergeant-at-arms, a human, Tarl in charge. Tarl gladly took over the unit. And the Iron Skulls loved & followed him.
During their travel down the River Grismerie, Ogver the Machinist met his death. Saddened by the loss of one of their brothers, the Iron Skulls pushed further through the Old World. Eventually, in a tavern in Gisoreux, the brothers Leadfoot & Krumm the Forgotten died as well. At the hand of a rat ogre.
Now these dwarves are some of the smartest, yet toughest dwarves out there. They can build anything & kill whatever Chaos, the Empire or the Elves can through up against them. Better look behind you, one of them could be standing there.


The Men That Make the Legend