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The Old World

Devotees of Sigmar. Destroyers of Chaos. Hunters of Corruption. Defenders of the Old Faith. These are the denizens of the world. Followers of some fantastic ideal of heroism and courage, yet betrayed and lied to by the ones they trusted. A story filled with death and doom, one the sages and bards of the world sang the final chorus for, has not ended.

The world is in turmoil. Chaos runs its nasty tendrils across the lands fiercer than before. The majesty of the Old World is slowly falling asunder. In the game of the Gods, a group of mortals were picked to go on the greatest of quests. To recover the crystal keys to Arianka's tomb and release her.
This was called The Quest of the Keys.

Now, years later, a new horror brews in the Old World. One devoid of Chaos. One that threatens the very fabric of humanity and could shatter the Gods completely. An enemy that will be stop at nothing and will continue its War of Crystal.

Come and delve into the darkness and see what terrors await you. The rage and suffering continues. Check back for the new lamentations of the Old World.