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Herly White

He was raised by his paternal grandfather, after his parents died in a barn fire, they owned a small stable. His grandfather was a woodsman that raised him in a remote cabin in a wooded area . He would tell Helry of all the adventures he had in his youth traveling the world before meeting his wife and settling here. There was a small enclave of elves living in the woods near his cabin . Weaponmaster Po taught him the way of the bow . He is very fond of elves and speaks elven. His grandfather has now passed away and Helry decided to take his grandfathers advice and see the world before settling down. Helry likes missle weapons of all sorts, anything that can be thrown,shot,tossed or lobbed. He loves to play darts. He doesn't drink or smoke. He has very little experience with women. He falls in love with the first girl that pays any attention to him unfortunately. He will get his heart broken a few times before he learns his lesson.

Jon L., Maine

The Old World