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Grog Botl

Born to parents of mixed races (his father a human & his mother a dwarf), Grog doesn't look like your average dwarf. He stands 4'9", has a shoulder width of 3 feet, but the most distinguishing feature you notice is his very long, very black side burns, he has no hair whatsoever on any other parts of his body. Grog doesn't have the usual characteristics, his nose is average, his ears are plain & his belly isn't huge.
He lives in a small human fishing village in the World's Edge Mountains, Elatra. Along with his parents, Pop & Medsin, there is his brother Bier & his younger sister Baby.
His mother Mesin was found floating in the river unconscious by Pop Botl. Unfortunately she suffered from amnesia & could only remember her name. The two fell in love instantly, soon they were married & the children followed soon after. Growing up as a half-dwarf in a human settlement Grog never knew what it was like to be a dwarf. He was schooled in the ways of the fisherman, the boat builder & a journeyer of the waters. Living the life of one on the water, it all changed when his uncle Gailin son of Blayne Axemaker came into Elatra one day & found his long lost sister.
Grog was always a happy dwarf, with a tendency to sing at the slightest provocation. Of course Uncle Gailin thought this was weird, but then again as he was fond of saying "There hasn't been a normal one in the family, yet."
Gailin stayed in Elatra for about 40 years teaching Grog & Bier the ways of the warrior. Then Gailin left. Grog was devastated. For 10 years, he waited for his uncle's return. When Uncle Gailin did not return, Grog decided to take it apon himself to go searching for him.

This is where his journey begins...
Grog's Home

JR, Florida

The Old World