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Gorim Fiercetooth

Gorim drew up as a happy dwarf. Growing up in Norsca, with the clan of ogres and Dwarves that created the great community of the Fiercetooth clan he was learning the fine art of smithing from his uncle. His uncle decided to move his smithy to a town a little distance away and Gorim went with him to finish his apprenticeship. While there they heard of the disastrous and senseless massacre of their homeland and clan. Gorim fell into despair, knowing in his heart if he was there he could've saved his family. Though no other person, be they Human, Elf, or Dwarf, would lay blame or shame on the young dwarf for not being there, Gorim did. Because of his misplaced shame he snuck away one night to do what he thought to be the only thing he could do. To aleve his shame and guilt he vowed to die as a dwarf in his position should. To clear his conscience he became a troll-slayer. Wandering alone finding those that could mean his death he fights as only Dwarf could, with heart strength and determination. Five years later, Gorim is no longer hunting trolls, or even giants, and since the dragons seem to be in hiding, he has gone to the next possible solution. He is now Gorim the Daemon-slayer. Gorim stands at 4'9" , is massively built with muscles, and is lean. He has lost the characteristic big belly of the Dwarves from his single-minded pursuit of retribution. He has a bright orange mohawk many tattoos and piercings, and lately has taken to detailed ritual scarring. Though only 65 years young, he has the eyes of one older and haunted. He has found a group of adventurers that show promise of what he seeks. He will follow them and do what needs be done.
So his story starts.

North to the Chaos Wastes