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Gillanthious Fallingleaf

Gill was born in the forest Loren, to a family that slowly was becomeing extinct, now only numbering in the single digits. Gill was born strong and hearty unlike most elves. His proud father and family had high hopes for the new member. Gill grew up in the saddle like any of his house but unlike most he dreamed of bigger things. One day on a routine patrol of the burial mounds of Loren he came across a battle between an Elven Maiden and a Necromancer. Acting the part of the young fool he lowered his spear and charged. His horse slipped as a Skeleton burst from the ground in front of him. Blackness came as his head bounced off a rock at the end of his fall. He awoke to the beautiful eyes of the Maiden...To make a long story short he fell deeply in love with the Wizardess. Their life was good and Gill was happy, she was killed in a Dark Elf raid along with his family and his unborn son. Gill in his rage became a bounty hunter to find and kill Dark Elves. After a time he started to train as an Assasin to better know his enemy and destroy Dark Elves at their own game. He went as far as to sneak on an Ark . That was when Khaine started to notice Gill. On the Black Ark Gill stayed there for 5 yrs learning the trade of assasination from the best. He ended up killing his teachers and a large portion of the Ark. Over the years, Gill has snuck onto Arks, into Dark Elf towns, and started to become the thing he hates the most. When Gill landed after his last trip on an Ark he went back to Loren and took up his possition as a Glade Rider. His only surviveing relative, his Uncle, had taken sick and it was his duty to take the rieghns of leadership. But, with Loren filling his senses his thoughts drifted to his wife. His anger had taken her from his memory and only now did he truely honor her, by defending his home not killing. So he turned to his music to sooth his beast... he is now a traveling Bard that champions those who are in need and defending the weak ...

Sean S.,Indiana

The Old World