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Ember Handler

Ember Handler was born about 25 years ago to Walter and Emma Handler. Who were merchants in Middenhiem. Between the ages of 8 and 10 financial burden fell upon her parents, unable to pay their taxes the authorities took their only child, Ember, as payment for their debt. Ember was thrown in the pits, and told that if she wanted to eat she would have to kill her opponent. She surprised the Master of the Pits and thus began her career as a Pit Fighter. She fought in the pits till she was fifteen when her parents debt and much more had been paid off. After her release Ember felt it very hard to return home. A sense of restlessness had overcome her, years of harsh activity wouldn't settle down in her, so she wandered the streets looking for something. Stopping in a bar to get something to drink she happened across the Elven Magician known as Rathorian, a powerful wizard with an ignominious reputation. Having no future and nothing better to do joins with him in his quest to fight Chaos along with a strange Thief by the name of Calvin. After several small battles the intrepid group came upon a hero of the Empire, "Victor Victorious Grimm", hearing the tale of their quest and being acquainted with Rathorian Victor joined them in their quest to rid a town that was tainted by Chaos. The town was changed by a huge chunk of Warpstone, which the heroes fought many tainted creatures to escape the town with the powerfully tainted rock. On the way to dispose of the Warpstone the party was approached by the all powerful Necromancer, Jovan, who by some strange twist of fate was Victor's brother-in-law. The group was transported magically to Jovan's castle, having no other choice Ember followed Rathorian and Victor, who seemed to take all this in stride, into the castle. Jovan convinced the three men to toss the warpstone into a void that he had in his back yard, afterwards they all had dinner. Rathorian and Victor, after imbibing several glasses of wine, began to torment a skeletal cat. They kept pulling the sections of the cat's tail and letting them go to watch them shoot back into place with a very disturbing hollow 'clink'. Between the sight of this, being served by undead servants, and all of the events previous, Ember has not been able to sleep well since. After that Ember travels on her own for a while, journeying from town to town and eventually finding her way back to Middenhiem. Where she meets up with Victor and Rathorian again. And has the pleasure of fighting alongside with Gillantious Fallingleaf and Marik the Blue, during an invasion of Skaven. Middenhiem was besieged from the inside while the army was away fighting a goblin army that was raised by the Skaven as a diversion. Fortunately for the heroes a clever unit commander had left a strong unit behind just in case of an emergency. The hero's stumbled onto this unit and was surprised to find that it was a group of Ogres, under command of Tarl of Languishire, an old friend of Victor and Rathorian. With the Ogres' muscle and their quick thinking they started fighting the Skaven while the army tried to get back to the city. After the battle all the brave hero's were given a patent of nobility and a grant of land in the Empire. For a year, Ember cleared her land and made herself a home, and started building a modest sized castle, which remains in construction to this day. Ember soon found herself restless again and traveled back to Middenhiem. Finding Victor, she asked him to teach her some of the things that he knew. And thus started her path into a shadowy and dangerous world that lies beneath the one that every person travels in. After steadying with Victor for awhile Ember joined up with several Mercenary bands where she carried out jobs to remove people or creatures that threaten the well being of the Empire. Her travels brought her to Northern Bretonia where rumors of a Mercenary Captain by the name of Tarl was gathering troops. Intrigued by the coincidence she decided to check it out and was surprised to find Tarl's son as the Mercenary Captain. Feeling that she should look out for her old friends son, she decided to accompany him in his travels. Ember has never found the so called "right one" and continues in her quest to find the perfect mate.

Jeri W., Indiana