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Quintus Cheesefoot, Halfling Extraordinare

Born & raised for the first thirteen years of his life in the Moot, young Quintus of the Cheesefeet clan was groomed for an elustrious life in the tavern business. His father ran a small tavern outside of Nuln called the Beaked Ram.
A lovely place where men & women from all races, with your few exceptions, could mingle & have their hearty share of food & drink. Quintus's mother, Magdalene, took care of the food, clothes mending & even, if paid a suitable amount, would bathe patrons. While ol' Gewarnney Cheesefoot, ran the tavern proper & brewed all the necessary drinks. The children of Gewarnney Cheesefoot did all the chores around the Beaked Ram, until the day that the world changed for Quintus Cheesefoot.
He was just reaching the plump age of 21 when a scabby drunk old man hobbled into the Beaked Ram & demanded a glass of milk. It shocked Gwarnney Cheesefoot so bad that the old halfling suffered a heart attack. Quintus trying to save him, though he could not, vowed in the wake of his father's death, that he would learn medicine, get fatter & eventually find the man of his dreams.