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Aron Hawk

The first fifteen years of Aron Hawk's life were rather uneventful. The ususal run in with wild animals and other small chaos creatures. Then one day the small town of Allendorf and his life were changed forever. A trade caravan his father was on were attacked by the forces of Khorne. All but one coward were slaughtered. The one surviver returned as a test to Allendorf to destroy it. All who didn't run perished before the mighty chaos champion. Then in a desperate attempt to save his home town the 15 yr old Aron entered the fight. The battle was quick and painfull. Aron didn't stand a chance. Just before killing the young whelp he revealed his true identity. It was his father. Running scared with a scar on his left cheek Aron escaped with his life. Swearing to end his father's misserable life he has moved from Waldenhof in the east to Brionne in the west. Not staying long enough to make many friends he takes what he needs learning more and more. A choice few have had the pleasure of gainning his favor over the last 6 years of his life but far too many have crossed his path. Now his journey brings him to a small band of rebels for lack of a better word on a quest to restore balance to the world.

Aron's Cell

Mike M., Massachusets

The Northern Wastes