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Anson Cole

Anson was born in a town in the far south called Morgheim, which lies in the heart of the Badlands, to his father, Terjana Cole and Syleste Cole his magical powers manifested themselves at a very early age, which scared the living hell out of the simple minded farmer folk which Anson was born to. At age 5, he was taken to a mental ' institution' and locked away, never getting the chance to have a childhood or and kind of childhood memories. Burned into his mind is a fierce hatred of authority from this experience and from it he has begun to respect few authorities except himself. He met Till Aldemann on a day trip out of the institute when he was 9, and they began to secretly correspond through kindly interns and such. Anson spent years 5 through 13 in the madhouse, being terrorized by both his fellow inmates and the proctors for their fear of his powers, which continued to manifest themselves. At age 13 Till assisted him in his escape from the madhouse. From then on, him and his band of friends travelled. Upon leaving the band after a disaster, he took up apprenticeship and was yet terrorized again by his mentor, the necromancer & demonologist Derren Tradja. After refining his skills, he bested his master, killed all his other apprentices, and tortured him, finishing him off by lighting him on fire after dousing him in oil. Closed off to all outside influences, he is a wild card in the battle between chaos and law. One second he may fight for the cause of good; the next his own causes. Very rarely has he assisted Chaos, although he is nominally connected with the rogue Chaos god Malaal.

Dan M., Pennsylvania