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Radio 4
Five series bearing different titles:
Winston, 1989
Winston Comes To Town (1990?)
Winston In Love (1991?)
Winston In Europe, 1992
Winston Back Home, 1994 (six episodes each)
One-off special: Winston at Christmas, 1991

In addition to his long service on the topical satire show Week Ending, the actor Bill Wallis is worthy of note for two particular radio roles: the genocidal jobsworth Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz in The Hitch Hikerís Guide To The Galaxy and Winston Hayballs, the beer-bellied village poacher in this acclaimed Radio 4 institution.  Winston is the creation of the well-known comic writer Peter Tinniswood (whose credits also include Uncle Mort), whose central preoccupation is British eccentricity.  The five differently-titled series, which grew out of a 1987 radio play entitled The Village Fête, chart the exploits of Winston and the decidedly odd middle-class Empson family, to whom he attaches himself, as they struggle to make sense of the world around them.  Wallisís co-stars were Shirley Dixon, Liz Goulding, Christian Rodska and the veteran comic actor Maurice Denham; several of these have also appeared in earlier or subsequent Tinniswood projects.

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