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Struck Off And Die!
Radio 4
Series One 1993 (four programmes)
Series Two 1994 (four programmes)

‘Struck Off And Die!’ was the collective stage name of Dr Phil Hammond and Dr Tony Gardiner, two real-life medics who lampooned the hypocricies and inadequacies of the medical establishment, assisted by Felicity Montagu and Julian Dutton.  The show mixed comic diatribes with sketches featuring characters such as the obnoxious “med studes” Piers and Toby (“Tosser!”; “So: what’s the hottest curry you’ve ever had?”)  Episodes in the first series were themed around different areas of the medical profession, while the second focussed on the various ages of humankind (each of which, it turns out, is riddled with illness).  Since appearing in this programme, Phil Hammond has become a well-known writer and broadcaster on medical issues, and presented the television series Trust Me, I’m A Doctor.

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