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The Nualas

Radio 4
1998 (six programmes)
New Year’s Eve special ("99 How Are Ya?  We’re The Nualas"), 1998

A vehicle for the talents of spoof Irish singing trio The Nualas ("Nuala, Nuala… and Nuala… hence the name") and their manager, demon tabla player Seamus.  Each show was recorded on location at a live venue and featured some rather one-sided conversation with the audience, plus chat, nervous responses to faxes and, of course, a few songs, which tacked such offbeat subjects as one woman’s obsessive love for Donald Sutherland and the plight of a girl with a cabbage for a head.  The Nualas were in reality Sue Collins, Karen Egan and Anne Gildea, and Seamus was played by Paul Tylak.  The show returned for a special New Year’s Eve edition at the end of 1998, with an altered cast: Collins and Gildea were now joined by Susannah de Wrixon, Feargal Murray and Dara O’Briain.

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