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No Commitments

Radio 4
Series One 1992
Series Two 1993
Series Three 1994
Series Four 1996
Series Five 1998
Series Six 1999

Simon Brett followed After Henry with another middle-class sitcom about the lives of three women, in this case a family of sisters: Anna (Rosemary Leach), Victoria (Nicola Pagett, then Angela Thorne in the sixth series) and Charlotte (Celia Imrie, except in Series Two where she was played by Josie Lawrence).  The gentle humour arises from the contrast between the contented, self-assured Anna, who spent her middle years caring for the trio's parents, and her two younger sisters, one a neurotic, domineering housewife and the other a hystrionic with an incredibly messy love life: both regard Anna as the unfortunate of the family, but are in fact reliant on her support. 

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