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Radio 4
Series One 1996 (three programmes?)
Series Two 1997 (four or possibly six programmes; some or all were postponed owing to impending general election)
Series Three 1999 (six programmes)

Satirical series (at first transmitted in Week Endingís slot during its seasonal breaks) about the planet-devouring antics of the multinational Mammon Corporation, which, by means of its tangled involvement in every area of commerce and industry imaginable, is able to turn a profit from any old disaster.  The writing team, which varied between series, was made up of Week Ending regulars such as Barry Atkins, Will Buckley, Nick Hildred, Hugh Rycroft and David Spicer.  The cast originally included Nikolas Grace, Helen Baxendale and Julian Dutton; by Series Three, the performers were Jonathan Aris, Mathew Bell, Julian Dutton, Wayne Forester, Sally Grace and Sally Wallis, most of whom are also Week Ending alumni.

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