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Life, Death and Sex with Mike and Sue

Radio 4
Series One 1996 (six programmes)
Series Two 1997 (six programmes)
Series Three 1998 (six programmes)
Series Four 1999 (six programmes)

Parody of the appalling mid-morning 'lifestyle' shows, all cloned from the same basic formula, which have become a permanent fixture on British television in recent years.  A wide variety of sketches were woven into the format, presented as reports or interviews. Robert Duncan (the oily executive Gus Hedges in Channel 4's Drop the Dead Donkey) played Mike, while Sue was played by Julia Hills in the first series and Jan Ravens subsequently.  The varying support cast included Roger Blake as a more-or-less permanent fixture; Sally Phillips appeared in the earlier series, while later shows featured Alistair McGowan, Ronnie Ancona, Emma Kennedy and sometimes Steve Punt.

The series was created and originally written by Bill Dare, although (as has often happened with formats he has created) it was increasingly turned over to other writers.  Steve Punt, Tim de Jongh (The Skivers) and the team of Ian Brown and James Hendrie (Dial M For Pizza and other 1980s shows) penned Series Three episodes; Series Four consisted of a couple by Punt, a couple by Brown and Hendrie, one by David Spicer and Hugh Rycroft (Week Ending perennials), and one by relative newcomers George Jeffrie and Bert Tyler Moore. 

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