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Knowing Knowing Me, Knowing You

Knowing Knowing Me, Knowing You
Radio 4
1993 (one-off special)

Transmitted around six months after the highly successful Knowing Me, Knowing You (which ran to only one series on radio), this was purportedly a fly-on-the-wall documentary looking behind the scenes at the memorable chat show’s production office.  The programme was, of course, a parody offering a further viewing of Alan Partridge’s legendary ego, plus a few in-jokes involving the show’s spurious production staff (Patrick Marber as chief gag-writer ‘Pat Barrem’, anyone?)  In addition to all the usual suspects, this one-off special benefited from a performance by Glaswegian-Italian series producer Armando Iannucci (who had remained firmly behind the glass for the actual series), who brought all his dramatic abilities to bear in the role of Glaswegian-Italian series producer Mario Santini.  The actual producer of Knowing KMKY was, in fact, Sioned Wiliam of Radio 4’s Girls Will Be Girls.

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